We went to Vinoro last week where we had the chance to meet some wineries awarded with God Medals in some of the most prestigious International Wine Competitions. This is our Top 3.

Aleph Winery, directly from Manchuela

This winery coming from Albacete, close to Manchuela region – Apellation of Origin of great and surprising wines-, Aleph Winery. Their star wine is a peculiar coupage of Merlot and Petit Verdot, a very original, gentle and surprisingly nice in the palate. These grapes are not easy even to the most expert. From low productivity vineyards and aged for 14 months in barrels. Despite it all, the wood and the fruit are perfectly assembled.

Aleph Winery. Petit Verdot Medal
                                        Aleph Winery. Petit Verdot Medal

Another of their ashes is a pink wine made from Bobal grape. The most popular and native grape of the region with a delicious strawberry and candy notes in the palate. Not to be missed for any pink wine and Bobal lovers.

What is about to come is some original and worth following coupages. One of them, a red wine from Bobal and Petit Verdot and a white wine made from red grape, Bobal.

Txakoli, from Basque Country

If you never heard of this white wine, Txakoli, you must have walk around the Basque Country –on the North of Spain-. You will be surprised with some wineries with this white wine elaborated from Hondarribi Zuri.

Butroi Winery Award.
                                                  Butroi Winery Award.

So we met this young winery, it was set up in 2012 by four different families with long tradition producing wine giving priority to quality and taking care of the natural environment, they produce different coupages such as Hondarribi Zuri and Hondarribi Zerratia (Petit COurbu), Mune Mahtsa (Folle Blanche), Izkiriot (Gros Manseng), Riesling and Hondarribi Baltza.


Etxebarria: balsamics, herbaceous and citrus note with a Little touch of fruit.


Butroi, fruity, White fruit, elegant and well balanced.

A modern txakoli from traditional elaboration.

Organice wines from Alicante

One of the most iconic and biggest wineries in Alicante, on the East coast, is Bocopa. Their sparkling wines are very popular on the region and every day they grow their influence.

Sparkling wines, Marina Espumante from Alicante.
                     Sparkling wines, Marina Espumante from Alicante.

What is worth mentioning is for a few years they have changed with the times and have some interesting organic wines from native grape Monastrell and the French white grape, Chardonnay.


I am sure you will enjoy these very soon at our online store. But for now, thanks for reading and please, do leave a comment if you have suggestions or doubts on these wine recommendations.

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