The Boletus Food Festival in Madrid

Just thinking of this Food festival and what’s coming next in this season is for sure one the main reasons why visiting Madrid in Autumn/Winter is a must. Not only there’s so much to see but there’s a lot to eat.

If you are a foodie porn and you love boletus, you have to visit Madrid this week!! Maybe it’s a bit hasty but if you take it from us you won’t regret it. Not only is a chance to know Madrid’s cuisine, but also to taste some nice and good Spanish wines.

Last week we had the chance to visit one of our favourite places in Madrid; we managed a wine tasting of some wines from North of Spain, El Bierzo: two red oaked Mencia wines and a delicious white Godello. The night was about to get better with the menu that Restaurante Manolo’s manager had prepared for all the attendees. Manuel is definitely a superb chef.

Menu is a 3-dishes menu: Starter, a Ensaladilla Rusa with tuna and prawns – Awesome!!-, Main dish: Grelos with chickpea... then you can taste the delicious Boletus and chop risotto and for dessert, Coffee mousse with Oreo cookie. Price is 25€/person and it also includes wine.


Ensaldilla Ruda of seafood (wit tuna and prawns
Ensaldilla Ruda of seafood (with tuna and prawns)


Boletus and chop risotto
Boletus and chop risotto


Coffee mousse with Oreo cookie.
Coffee mousse with Oreo cookie.

If you want to give yourself a treat, visit Manolo Restaurante until October 30th and you will have the chance to taste some delicious boletus served with great wine.

You can find some great Mencia’s wines at our store and treat yourself well now that Halloween comes.

Don’t forget to share your experience at the Boletus Food Festival with us. We would love to read about it!


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