Cariñena: Wine and Chocolate, delicious pairing.

Friday evening we are invited to a very interesting wine tasting and pairing, wine and chocolate. We cannot say no. It is a really good reason to visit one of the most important Tourism Fairs, the International Tourism Fair (Fitur) taking place at Ifema (Madrid).

One of the first things I see when we arrive is a very popular blue-furred muppet, actually one of my favourite muppets when I was a kid, Cookie Monster – I was kinda like him as I would be a non-stop cookie eater-.

When we arrived to Aragon’s stand we had to wait until the end of wine tasting since it was almost finishing. Get in there turned out to be more complicated than expected. So our friends promised us to repeat the wine tasting just for us. While waiting there I saw a big bird… what’s that? – I wondered. There are lots of weirdos around here.

fitur 8

Other Spanish provinces had their stand there as well, as you imagine. There were all huge and very attractive. You have to consider that we are used to these wine events with small stands or those large tables with bottles and glasses and no other decoration. This is a different thing. Even Rioja has their own wine tasting. The “Rutas del vino de Castilla y León” (Wine routes of Castilla y León) have a very cool toy: an app that measures your level of satisfaction with a little headband that you wear in your head while you drink a delicious wine (mine that day was a pink wine from Cigales). That app had a lot of work with me…

fitur 10

fitur 6

Wine tasting ready. 3 wines from Cariñena (Zaragoza): White, pink and red. This should be good. Chocolate normally is served with long aging wines such as those classic ones from Rioja but you can actually find them at any wine region in Spain. Though this time, the chocolates we were about to taste were handcrafted from Tolosona chocolates  and there were so nice we could stayed there for the rest of the evening eating chocolates and having a nice wine. The pairing was superb. Who cares about diet now?.

Beso de Vino. D.O. Cariñena
Beso de Vino. D.O. Cariñena

Beso de Vino is characterized by an easy-drinking wine, fruity, perfect for chatting with friends, desserts – you know you can taste it with chocolate- or softer meals. Anyway, once home, we were able to have these wines with delicious gourmet sardines and mackerel. The result was delightful.

fitur 13

But I was also impressed that the Chardonnay was perfect with “selected” vegetables purée. This purée is nice just without wine but as you probably know food doesn’t taste the same when pairing with good wine. I could actually eat all kind of vegetables with wine. This is just another experience.

fitur 3

If time allow us to do so, and I hope it will, I will tell you more of these wines in the future, but now please enjoy the photos as follows:


fitur 15

fitur 9

fitur 4

If you have tasted these wines and chocolates, please leave me your experience in a comment below. Thank you.

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Spanish Wine SIsters (right) and Alicia (left) from Beso de Vino.
Spanish Wine SIsters (right) and Alicia (left) from Beso de Vino.

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