Dream Line, the trendy sparkling wine

In the World of wine there are every day more projects to change it, to attract the young and female audience – and maybe you are part of that, because the image of this product has got your attention.

Dreamline Vulcano

Dreamline is a young project, entrepreneurs of the wine world in the area of Utiel-Requena (where we have seen their wines and processing have evolved so that it is quite difficult not to consider them when choosing a wine to eat or celebrate) that after several years of experience in the industry they bet on creating something different, a casual product, flashy, which is good and follows the trends of recent years. With Dream Line you make sure not only be the soul of the party, but also to enjoy while you make a toast and share moments with friends in a trendy place, or at home.

Not only we had the chance to taste this line of sparkling wines from Valencia, semi sweet and with beautiful changing colours but also we had the chance to know them a little bit better and not only we can say that we love them because of what they want to do but also because we love all the line of products and because of what they bet on. A different way to understand wine, or maybe not to understand it –at least when you drink (in moderation) and enjoy it.


Vulcano, Rosé, Fortune, Glaciar y Purple. A whole range of different effects, with only 8% alcohol, easy to drink, sweet, fun. Besides, I tell you something Purple is alcohol freel !! And it’s delicious!! … They all are, but we want to tell you there’s no need to give up the taste; quite the opposite!

We also had the chance to interview one of the persons in charge of this amazing project and I’m sure you are going to love it as much as we do.  So here’s the interview and then, some tasting notes:


Spanish Wine Sisters: How did you come up with the idea of this line of drink?

Dream Line: The idea is to bring wine culture to young people, through new experiences and renewed visions. It is not intended to replace the wine with history and tradition, but to complement the offer, making it fun and easy consumption. The success and the internationalization of Dream Line, demonstrates that you can do great things for young people and we will continue to do more innovative products. We invite you all to share this change.

S.W.S.: How long have you been selling these wines? Which markets are you in?

DL:  3 years ago we started with our product from 5.5 percent alcohol, but we soon realized that to develop a premium product we had to leave it at 8 degrees of alcohol and thus have a more structured product.

Dreamline today is a successful product and is sold in Europe, Asia and America. You can find Dream line in the best specialized shops, wine bars, restaurants, hotels and retailers.

S.W.S.: What are the goals and philosophy of Dreamline?

DL: Our goal is the internationalization of our brand and the consolidation of our own distribution network in Spain.

S.W.S.: Does it affect being in the area of good Valencian wines ?.

DL: We come from the AO Requena-Utiel, one of the oldest wine regions in Spain and our culture, relationships and experiences with wine companies, was what motivated us to innovate in the sector.

Tasting notes:

Vulcano: sparkling wine vintner’s selection, semisweet bronze effect, imitating a volcano. Fine and pleasant bubble. It is refreshing and semisweet, hints of citrus and orange background of sweet. Reminiscence of French champagne and Spanish cava.

Purple – Alcohol free. wine vintner’s selection, semisweet . Fine and pleasant bubble. It tastes like blackberries, violets. Pure goodies! Reminiscence of French champagne and Spanish cava.

Rosé sparkling wine vintner’s selection. Fine and pleasant bubble. Tastes like chewing gum, strawberry and blackberry. Reminiscence of French champagne and Spanish cava.

Glaciar- sparkling wine vintner’s selection, semisweet, silver effect with taste of apple and coconut. Reminiscence of French champagne and Spanish cava.

Fortune – : sparkling wine vintner’s selection, semisweet gold effect. Fine and pleasant bubble. With blackberry and apple taste and a hint of citrus notes: orange and lemon. Reminiscence of French champagne and Spanish cava.

A flavor, an adventure.Check them out! (Click on each name to purchase your a bottle: It’s a Vinuranto Recommendation!).

And you, Have you tried this? Please share your experience with us and leave us a comment! Thank you.

Female friends enjoying themselves at a bridal party
Female friends enjoying themselves at a bridal party

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