Some curious wines made from Mencia variety.

In 2002 Javier Alvarez comes up with the idea of creating this winery in the D.O. Bierzo under certain requirements, create a wine for maximum enjoyment, enhance Bierzo and have a good time with a project to fall in love with. Along with his childhood friend Manuel Benito Otero and his friend Raul Garcia Almázcara Majara winery is born, whose name comes from the village where the winery is, where is the family of Javier Alvarez and the first letters of the names of the partners: MA-JA-RA (which in Spanish means “to be nuts”)


This region of El Bierzo is located in the North-East of León province.

This is how it starts this young winery’s catalogue named Almázcara Majara, where they reflect not only all their passion for wine but also for life and sharing good moments around the food table and a glass of wine. The result of putting passion into a wine is an image that stands out, a round wine with all the flavour of the grape protagonist, modern labels, modern winery and commitment to bring the terroir to all people who want a piece of land, young people, lovers of wine and people that like to enjoy the good times around food, good wine and good friends.

Their brand logo is an elaboration with care and great affection for each wine and a limited production of each reference making wines that are authentic jewels, friendly references in the palate and with a youthful image, always to bring the world of wine to today’s youth.

The more you know them the more you like them. I love them. Javier is a poet in the field, elaborating wines but also when you read their presentation whether is on their website but also in their catalogue. You can feel the passion not only for wine but also for sharing a good wine with friends and a good meal.  He is poet, and it’s shame I cannot share his Spanish poetry (unless you speak some Spanish). So to me, he is poet not only elaborating but also sharing the wine.

Suma, no restes

Haz tu camino, no sigas

Da, no pidas

Saborea, no tragues

Abraza no empujes

Besa no discutas


It’s all about indeed about discovering, living and sharing life and wine.

The vineyard in Almázcara Majara
The vineyard in Almázcara Majara

So you know a little more about these wines, here some tasting notes:

Amphora de Cobija del Pobre. D.O. Bierzo.
Amphora de Cobija del Pobre. D.O. Bierzo.

Jarabe de Almázcara Majara 2009 80% Mencía 20% Prieto Picudo. Round, fresh with nice tannins, well balanced, persistent. A nice Mencía with a limited production.

Amphora de Cobija del Pobre. 100% Mencía – 9 months of aging in amphora of terracotta. Very fruity, round, tasty. Fine and elegant.

Almázcara Majara, 95% Mencia, 5% Prieto Picudo. Well balanced, round, fresh and persistent. Fine and elegant aftertaste.

Very fruity, nice, tasty and balanced wines. Difficult to forget. Limited editions between 1.000 and 13.000 bottles each. Exclusive Mencía wines, original and amusing to dress your table at any moment.

The winery

From mid this year, you will be able to visit the winery and live the Majara experience yourself!

Get them here and leave me a comment with your experience with Almázcara Majara.

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