Introducing Don Bernardino from Ribeira Sacra

A winery with a tradition of over 60 years in one of the most beautiful places in Spain, i.e. Galicia. Exclusive and exquisite vineyards and winery, with a hancraft elaboration and respectful development with the field and the vineyard, with a manual and heroic harvest.

BODEGA - copia

Bodegas Don Bernardino from Ribeira Sacra, from Amandi region, that started elaborating when no one else will bet for this region. They had vines all their life, heritage from their Parents and Granparents.

The history of the winery dates back more than 30 years ago when they had a restaurant where they consumed the wine that gave them Emilio’s grandfather, Emilio. As consumption was quite high and taking the entrance of the area in Ribeira Sacra “Vinos de la Tierra”(Local Wines) which later became DO Ribeira Sacra, they decided to set up their own winery, taking care of his granfather’s vineyards and they started to recover other vines that they were left neglected on the bank of Sil river, mainly due to the great migration to the area he had suffered for years 50 and 60.

Nowadays they have 10ha. of vineyards. They all are located in a pending between 50% and 85% gradient. Yields are very low in some cases not reaching 2500 Kg / Ha.

viñario - copia

These low yields and taking advantage of the age of more than 50% of grapevines, some vines more than 100 years, is the philosophy of work they do in the winery since its first days. From one of these vines they produced the jewel in the winery “Finca Mezquita”.

Besides this good work is not simply because we say so, because the winery says so but comes endorsed by various National and International awards over the past years, confirming the quality of this Galician winery located on the banks of the river Sil.

donn b premio womenalia - copia

Don Bernardino Young red wine, presents a red cherry colour with purple reflections. In the nose has intense fine and elegant aromas, strengthen with typical varietal aromas from Mencía grape. In the palate is intense, elegant and well balanced: a velvety wine, a well balanced acidity with a subtle, generous and round alcoholic strength giving it the elegance and uniqueness of the best wines Amandi.

It pairs perfectly with the traditional Galician gastronomy, pie, octopus, grilled meats, lamprey, sirloin, rib and seasonal meats such as wild boar, deer and stag.

You can definitely fall in love with this winery with a video from this winery. The wine with a story to tell…

There are so many things to tell about this winery and its wine, but I don’t want you to bore you more with my writing. I want you to taste them, enjoy its aromas and tastes. You can get them here.

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