La Mancha’s wines of the future.

Bodegas Símbolo was founded in 1954 result of the initiative of 59 Spanish winegrowers in Campo de Criptana, located in the center of La Mancha, Spain. La Mancha is a large extension of flat land, with light hills and dominated by sandy and reddish clay soils, with a high percentage of limestone.

Bodegas Símbolo produce limited lots of wines which express the distinctive varietal expression of the vine in this land, modern and innovative wines with strong personality. All wines posses marked features which come from the warmth and rigorous cold of the Castilian plateau, the great adaptability of the vine and the meticulous care of the winegrowers.

Símbolo wines are varietal still wines, from selected vineyards. Símbolo was born as the premium brand and it is the protagonist in the cellar’s events and promotion acts.


We have recently had the chance to introduce their new vintage from young red and white wines in Madrid. It had a great acceptance not only among professionals but also by amateurs that attended that evening at a local restaurant in South-East of Madrid. Everyone that evening could spend an awesome time with some great quality wines from La Mancha.

Tasting room
Tasting room

We had the chance to interview to the winemaker and Manager of Bodegas Símbolo.

DSC_0470 (2)
Manuel Arroyo winemaker and Manager of Bodegas Símbolo.

Spanish Wine Sisters:  How long have you been elaborating limited productions of these varietal wines?

Manuel Arroyo: The winery started an unique project in 2004, with the aim of having a bottled wine representative of native varieties, Airen and Tempranillo, and as a benchmark of quality, the “symbol of the winery”, hence the brand name was born.

 Over the past decade, we have worked on developing a range of selected varieties and we have added new varietals according to the organoleptic characteristics that we seek, leading also to foreign varieties such as Syrah, Petit Verdot and, recently, Cabernet Sauvignon.

In the late 2014 we launched the brand as the winery’s flagship and protagonist in events and promotional actions, with a new brand adapted to the international market.

S.W.S.: Which is the distinguishing ingredient of the winery?

M.A.: True to its philosophy, Bodegas Símbolo pursues the development of fresh wines featuring in its fruity flavours and seeking distinction in each of the grape varieties.

It is therefore essential working together between winemaker and winegrower in the selected vineyard and special monitoring, quality backed by DO La Mancha and their certain quality controls, and limited elaboration in volume (between 3.000 and 10.000 bottles depending on the reference) for defined parameters.

All this is checked with the international awards obtained with each vintage as well as the positive developments in scores of the prestigious wine tastings where SYMBOL range is presented.

S.W.S.:  Do you offer visits to the Winery? (Individual, groups, companies…)

MA: You can visit Bodegas Símbolo on working hours by requesting an appointment, apart from the wine vacation days. We normally work with groups of 10 p. minimum, most of them are associations, studying groups and of course, with importers.

Our facilities offer a different picture of winery, processing zones with big columns on which contrasts with the small rooms where it is made and pamper SIMBOLO wines. During the tour of the winery, visitors have the opportunity to simultaneously know two almost opposite development processes.

We are currently working on an alternative plan for wine vacations, to extrapolate the concept of wine vacation in the cellar directly to the field, and offer different concepts related to leisure and viticulture.

S.W.S.: – What do you think is needed to attract Young people to consume wine?

M.A.: Bring wine culture to new generations and new winemakers, and this involves two actions on our part. One is to ease the language and “ritual” of wine service to young people, to explain the complexity of the elements of the wine and why the importance of the 3 steps of tasting, but also communicate that is not a prerequisite to consume and enjoy wine. On the other hand, it is offering alternatives to still wines to promote the consumption of wine, that is, developing versatile wines, easier to enjoy, and with designs and promotion in harmony with its audience.


Do not forget to try any of their wines. Get them here.

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Vineyards at Bodegas Sïmbolo in Campo de Criptana (Ciudad Real)
Vineyards at Bodegas Sïmbolo in Campo de Criptana (Ciudad Real)

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