Albariño’s first sparkling wine.

You might have heard about Cava as the Spanish sparkling wine when toasting or celebrating at a Company’s meeting or a family/friends party. But what you might not know is that there are so many Spanish sparkling wines worth trying that you can ‘t even imagine.

Today is one of those days that I want to share a Sparkling Wine from one of the most popular wine regions in our country: Rías Baixas. What I am about to share is truly worth considering if you want to dress your table with one of the most elegant and finest sparkling wines in Spain.

As I said before in this blog, not only we can toast in Christmas, there are so many other moments and reason to make a toast. You can toast and celebrate at any time of the year, and not only with Cava, but also with some other nice wines. Here’s what I suggest you have in your next friends/family party or client’s meeting.

This wine is elaborated with the traditional method of sparkling wine-Cava elaboration (Champenoise) with all Albariño’s grape variety personality. Galicia’s native grape variety.

Anuncio Mar de Frades

Introducing Mar de Frades

Mar de Frades was born 30 years ago and its development is parallel to Rías Baixas Apellation of Origin. It is pioneering winery in the region and represents the most deep-rooted tradition of Val do Salnés, historical capital of Albariño grape. Here’s where all began, where Albariño’s legend starts and where, with no doubt, the most sophisticated and suggestive white wine from Spain is made, which it’s mainly characteristic is freshness and the aromas intensity.

Reflection of what I have just mentioned is the long and rising path of the winery elaborating what it is today one of the most representative and popular white wines of the region. Betting for the quality they work from the excellence in each vintage with a meticulous raw material since they first started back in the late 80s.

The winery’s bulding, not to be missed.

It is by Finca Valiñas vineyard, by the hillside of Salnés valley and opposite to Arosa River tempered by the breeze of the Atlantic Ocean.

Together with the slope of the land, the building of Mar de Frades integrates into the landscape cloaked by the characteristic gray granite and covered with copper, burnished by the rigors of the Galician climate.

The symbolic sail of their boat, distinctive trait of Mar de Frades, welcomes the visitor in its entrance to the winery.

A large interior space hosts the processing facilities where the cold stainless steel joins the quality of hardwoods and the cheerful blue and orange colours that are part of the image of Mar de Frades.


From the inside…

I also have the chance to get to know the winery a little closer, from the inside, with a little short but intense interview to Mar de Frades wine maker and be part for a minute of the Mar de Frades family.

Vinuranto:  which is the clue to the success of Mar de Frades?

Mar de Frades: Being at the forefront of quality and innovation. A good and thorough manual selection of clusters has made us deal with difficult vintages and have cutting-edge technology also allows us to work with great precision.

V: – Why do you think women enjoy Mar de Frades more than men?

MdF: The white wine is usually kinder to the female audience, and the aroma and intense flavors- but subtle instead- of our wine are very well accepted among women, it is true. But we think of an universal consumer when designing Mar de Frades, and we seek a wealth of nuance and complexity, although with “kids glove”.

V: – How did you come up with the idea of elaboration of a Brut Nature when there was no one yet doing it?

MdF: We are strong advocates of the potential of the Albariño grape, which is yet to be developed, and we believe it is a noble grape and quite capable of making great wines in all its forms, including sparkling wines. The beginnings were difficult, but today no one doubts that it is not a fad, because this wine has proven to be at the height of the great sparkling wines world-wide.

V- What do you think is needed to attract Young people to consume wine?

MdF: We need to strip it from tricks and brakes. Wine is something simple and you do not have to understand it to enjoy, just look for pleasant experiences. It is also something very much our thing and real estate, but we have to know how to defend it, and communicate it better.


The first sparkling wine from Albariño

The hand sorting of the grapes at reception and racking to the press machine where a 40% of the must was obtained and carried to the fermentation vats. A slow fermentation at low temperatures carried on for several weeks. Maximum care in the rest of the process: racking, bottling, etc to preserve the richness of aromas and intensity of all the small notes.


The second fermentation at 12-13ºC and ageing over the lees  took place in the bottle up to the disgorgement

A different way and elegant way of making a toast and celebrate for each momento that life gives us, whether is it professional or personal, it’s worth toasting with this 100%  Albariño wine.

TASTING: Golden yellow with lemmon green hues. On the nose it shows fine, complex and expressive. First it releases bottle ageing notes and a sea water, eucalyptus and white fruit in the background that remind of albariño grape. A toasted bread and almond kernel character pervade. On the mouth it is broad, tasty and fresh. In the aftertaste the typical albariño notes reappear  with a pleasant and crispy aftertaste.

SERVICE AND PAIRING:  Ideal serving temperature between 8ºC and 10ºC. (when the blue boat picture appears on the backlabel) A marvellous companion to fish and seafood dishes, such as scallops or oysters.

THERMOCHROMIC LABEL: The label has a thermosensitive logo so that when the wine is chilled at the right serving temperature, a small boat appears and disappears when it is too warm for consumption


If you have enjoyed a glass of this super wine, please, leave me a comment with your experience. Thank you.

If you have enjoyed this post, please share with your friends and contacts. Thank you.


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