The best way to be fit (for wine lovers)

Christmas holidays have gone already and we are all back to routine where we focus on our New Year’s resolution, and I bet that one of those is to get fit again and look healthy and slim.

There is good news for all wine lovers. You don’t have to give up that glass of wine. Diverse scientific informs have revealed that a glass of wine is the same that 1 hr of gym, but it is even better if you combine this glass wine with a moderate and healthy exercise to lose all the fat accumulation. This combination is a perfect one because of wine’s antioxidants and the fat burning of aerobics, you will look as a perfect 10.


You might have read it everywhere. Wine in moderation is healthy- just one or two glasses of wine  a day (a glass of wine with your meals, that is) and together with a healthy and balanced diet gives your body the perfect balanced that you are looking for after all the big meals of the past season holidays. Plus if you drink wine in moderation it helps to control cholesterol, blood pressure and have healthy gums.

Some moderate (excess is always bad) work out and aerobics –choose the best one for you- will tone your body up and will give you lots of energy and positivism, you will feel you are doing something good for your body. It’s like a rush of adrenalin!


So now what we all need to do is find that gym that will make us be fit…

If you are looking that good wine for your diet, remember that Spanish Wine Sisters can provide the best selection of Spanish wines.

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