Aromatic and smooth wines from Arlanza

D.O. Arlanza, headquarters in Lerma, includes the centre of the province of Burgos, all along the South region and it spreads out to the medium and low Arlanza River valley and its tributaries. It includes Pisuerga River and Southeast of Palencia including 13 of its townships. In 2007, Arlanza won the title of Denominacion de Origen (Apellation of Origin) but quality wine was elaborated since 1995.

mapa arlanza

Soils in this area, usually with subfloors are deep soft rock. The terroir is varied with undulations and slopes where the vineyards appear on those floors without moisture problems. Abundant clay- sandy, siliceous, granite and limestone marl terroirs.

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Most wines are elaborated from Tempranillo grape and they have some similarity to their neighbours from Ribera del Duero that share that extreme climate but Arlanza wines are more aromatic, more fresh and with smoother tannins. The close we get to the West, when altitude descends, wines are more powerful and are higher on alcohol proof, with an acidity that is still untapped.

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Somo interesting facts:

Vineyard ha. :400

Number of vine grower:  290

Number of wineries: 16

Production (2014): 900.000 litros

Sales: 80% national, 20% international

Most wines elaborated in this region are full bodied, fruity and tasty red wines. You can also find white wines from Albillo and Viura grapes. We have recently known some wines from this region: red and pink delicious, our Top 3 is as it follows

Top 3 Vinos from D.O. Arlanza

  1. Sanctus 2012. 14 months in oak barrels. 90 Peñín points.
  2. Monte Aman 2014. Young red wine. 86 Peñín Points.  5 stars
  3. Monjío 2014 Pink wine.

Monte Aman

sanctus 2012

Monjio Rosado

You might find us mentioning this region since the altitude of their vineyards creates a sight that would difficult to ignore. We will follow the evolution of this A.O. and its wineries.

Have you ever tried wines from this region? Thank you for sharing your experience with us.


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