Bobal wines, next trendy wines

In the latest years we have seen how wines from Valencia have developed, grown and become more and more popular and have refined in their elaboration. More than that, next to our home, a traditional restaurant (the kind of place where you have a nice meal with your family), they have bought and offer us a wine from Valencia. I never thought that could happen in our little and humble neighbourhood (of Madrid).

We have been witness to the discover and evolution of these wines, in a market where restaurants and consumers only know about the four classing regions of Spain: Rioja, Ribera del Duero and Rias Baixas, without detracting from the quality and expertise of these areas. I love to see how people get surprised when they try a Bobal wine, from Utiel-Requena, and discover that it is possible to have elegance and power in the same bottle as well as well balanced and elaborated.


A wine made from grapes low production, a small area that is recently booming, and gradually is getting trendy. It is a discovery to see the role is normally played by a tempranillo aging wine, also can be starred by a delicious bobal pairing it with meat, cold meat and abundant meals. You will find a whole new world.

And the truth is that not only Nuria but also myself are big bobal lovers. Not only because you can find delicious lollypop colour and taste pink wines also because you can find aging red wines with a great result and, normally, bobal is a very productive grape. You can find two Appellation of Origins (Denominación de Origen, in Spainish) Utiel-Requena and Valencia that makes these bobal wines, as well as the provinces of Cuenca and Albacete.

mapa valencia

So after this short introduction, let me recommend you a bobal wine from Old vines from Utiel Requena that will surprised the most wine expert person, mainly because it has nothing to do to what you have heard before nor what it has been made in the past.

Tasting notes

Name: Corolilla Crianza

Vintage: 2011

Grape: Bobal Old vines

D.O.P: Utiel-Requena

% vol.: 13,5

Price: From 10,33€

Colour: red cherry colour with purple border and slightly tile coloured

In the nose is very intense, balsamic, wheat, crunchy almond. Very elegant with its citrus and juniper notes. Chocolate, perfume notes. Intense and elegant aromas.

After moving the glass highlight of balsamic and spices notes, subtle toasted oak barrel and tobacco.

In the palate is smooth, very tasty, salty, very well balanced, with present tannin, polished wood, very fruity. Persistent and light with refreshing touch.

It is elegant and easy to drink despite of being a powerful red wine. A wine that won’t disappoint and will surprise many.

Have you ever the chance to try this wine or any bobal wine? Please, leave me a comment for good wine chat!


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