What you should not miss when visiting Madrid.

Not only we drink but we also love eating, so here are 5 dishes that I recommend if you are visiting Madrid:

One of the best things in Madrid (and in Spain) is the big variety of food and dishes you can find wherever place you visit. Each town and province will have their traditional stews and dishes that are always worth the try (especially if you are a foodie lover.).

Madrid is a cosmopolitan city that is proud of their traditions but it is always keen to adapt other local food traditions to our Madrilenian table traditions – this has been happening for many centuries when people will emigrate (and migrate) to the city for different reasons. What I am about to recommend is five of the many local dishes of Madrid, all of them you can find them at most every place in the city.

©Youtube (©Francesco Riquelme)
©Youtube (©Francesco Riquelme)

– Cocido Madrileño -In the same pot is boild the soup, the chickpeas, the meat and all this has cabbage cooked with a slow fire in oil. In Madrid there a few places which its speciality is this Cocido that would fill you up enough to keep sightseeing the city or maybe you want to follow the Spanish tradition of having a little siesta before heading up for Madrilean’s night –It’s up to you.

© colegiojorgejuaneducinfantil.blogspot.com
© colegiojorgejuaneducinfantil.blogspot.com

– Churros – long fritters made with flour and water, are popular in much of Spain and are often eaten with thick hot chocolate either for breakfast or as a snack. In Madrid, they eat a thicker variety of churro called porra. Flour fritter eaten with coffee or hot chocolate. It is one of my favourite for breakfast and a nice coffee! (Traditional Madrilean breakfast). Churros can be straight line, like ribbons or sticks. In their modern recipes they can be filled up, roll in sugar, chocolate, custard cream or milk jam.


– Huevos Estrellados. They are fried eggs that are then mixed with other ingredients, usually fried potatoes and maybe jamón, bacon or “chistorra, hence the “estrellados” (smashed). Casa Lucio (casalucio.es – Calle Cava Baja, 35) is the most famous place where all celebrities go to know this famous dish, made by this famous restaurant –but it is not the only one! Perfect for a night out with some friends and a glass of Spanish wine.

© www.cocinillas.es
© http://www.cocinillas.es

Patatas Bravas -fries (or chips in British English) with a spicy (tomato) sauce. Cut in irregular dice of 1’8 inches and fried in olive oil. Mostly served as a tapa in every bar of the city. With a pint, a non alcoholic beverage or a glass of wine.


– Bocadillo de calamares – “Squid rolls” (French stick (baguette) with). If you visit Plaza Mayor all their restaurants and bars offer this typical “bocadillo” that has special taste that only the kitchen of Plaza Mayor’s restaurants can have. It’s a must for every tourist, as a must visit to Plaza Mayor for anyone visiting the city.

This a little proof of what Madrid’s gastronomy can offer. Versatile, traditional, delicious and for every taste.

Retiro Park ©www.madlifemadrid.com

2 thoughts on “What you should not miss when visiting Madrid.

  1. I was in Madrid last year and really loved everything. I’m coming back next month for a short weekend. The “Bocata calamares” , the Bravas and the Churros will be eaten again hehe! I don’t eat meat so some of the recommended dishes are not in my list but anyway I plan to have a lovely weekend with a lot of good traditional food 🙂

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