A walk through the land of sweet wines

Might not be that surprising for you to find screw top on wine bottles in your country, but we are seemed to get bogged down by cork when actually there could be other options for young wines or fast consumption wines. Somehow, while I was on my vacations in Torremolinos I came across with this bottle of Sweet wine, with screw top and bottled in a smaller bottle (37,5cl instead of classic 750cl bottle) that it looked like more a black beer than a wine. However, when tasting this wine I enjoyed this pretty much and all its organoleptic properties. It wasn’t a young wine, though. It was an aged wine. Delicious one from Málaga, a Málaga Trasañejo.


We have two “denominaciones de origen” (apellation of origin) in Málaga: D.O. Málaga and D.O. Sierra de Málaga. D.O. Málaga is made up by 67 towns located in five different territories of elaboration: Axarquía, Montes de Málaga, Norte, Manilva y Serranía de Ronda. Each of these areas has a special and distinguished orography, climate and soils. D.O. Sierra de Malaga has the same territories in its A.O. as the one mentioned before (Málaga) but Sierra de Malaga is distinguished by all wineries are located in Serrania de Ronda (mountain range of Ronda) and 100%l the grape used in their wines must be from this region in particular, among meeting another specific requirements. In this region you can find still and dry wines like red, white or pink wines, also a minimum of 5 years aging white and pink wines. From this region we have introduced you Descalzos Viejos a while ago.

Ronda's viewpoint.
                                                            Ronda’s viewpoint.

At D.O. Málaga is where we can find these classic and wonderful sweet wines elaborated from Pedro Ximen and Moscatel grapes.

And so here it’s where we found this wine. This Reserva Especial de Moscatel, delightful and wonderful to have with appetizers, all alone in a glass of wine or with food or with desserts! The truth that I was pleasantly surprised and I can guarantee this is one of the best values for money wines I have tried from this region.

trasa eiqueta

Tasting notes

Denominación de Origen: Málaga

Grape variety: 100% Moscatel from Málaga.

 Dulce Natural “Trasañejo Reserva Especial”. (Sweet Natural “Trasañejo Reserva Especial”).

Trasañejo means this wine is aged for a period over 5 years in barrels.

Alcohol content: 16% vol.

Bottle: 37,5cl

Vinuranto Points: 8/10.

Colour: caramel colour with yellow amber colour with thick tear.

In the nose attacks with coffee and caramel, pipe tobacco, chocolate notes.Very intense. Raisins. Dulce de leche. Scorched sugar.

In the palate is sweet, smooth, well-balanced, easy to drink, light. Velvety with embracing notes and superb caramel aftertaste.


Have you ever taste a Sweet wine? Which is your favourite? Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

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