The Trendiest Spirits & Cocktails 2015

Just like every year, Guia Peñin celebrated The Premium Spirits Showroom (Salón de Destilados Premium) where you can taste the trendiest spirits of the year. This year they wanted to highlight a traditional aperitif drink in Spain: vermouth. An alcoholic drink elaborated with wine and adding herbs, very popular drink in our country when we have a traditional “snack time” (snack we usually have before lunch time). Trademarks like Campari or Martini are two good examples that everyone knows.


This year, I must confess, we were running out of time. Spanish Wine Sisters we were a bit busy by the time we got the invitation to this event. So, we decided to search for some amazing workshop (that we know Guia Peñin always offer in their showrooms. Nothing better than knowing what are the trendiest cocktails or beverages on the Cocktail Bartending World are than taking some advices by the hand of Tupac Kirby, General Manager of The Cocktail Room.

 As he tell us when beginning the Negroni workshop “We want to offer what we like, our favourite cocktails”. And we want to share here, within reason, what Tupac recommended us.

taller negroni

Negroni Workshop

Tupac Kirby - The Cocktail Room
Tupac Kirby – The Cocktail Room

When you have the honour to attend a workshop leading by Tupac you learn and try some many different and new things that it is hard to resume all your notes, but we did in the end.

This time we had the chance t0o learn a new cocktail that is the trendiest around the city, this cocktail is based in three parts: a herbal one, a bitter one and another sweet one. The classic recipe would be as follows:

3 cl of Gin  – you obtain the herbal and undergrowth notes

3 cl of mediterranean vermouth

3 cl of Campari with its classic bitter taste.

Three equal parts of each and decorate with orange. We can assure you that the result is really nice. A cocktail recommendation that we encourage you to try at any afterwork or cocktail bar you know.

From this classic récipe w did some other different combinations; with whisky, different bottles of Gin, artichoke liquor (Cynar)…

A this brief workshop some professionals took the podium to share their knowledge and ingenuity to share their own recipes. They were so diverse that the Spanish Wine Sisters we will soon offer our own version of the Negroni Cocktail with the unique touch of a “girls learning to make cocktails” style. But with Tupac’s influence, the effort will be fun and even easy but always on a humble way.

Tasting and suggesting cocktails

Once this workshop ended we continued our visit around the showroom –that was indeed closing its doors, to make way for The Cocktail Room show where we could taste some delightful cocktails with some of the trademarks presented at the showroom, mosty gin&tonics.

It was a brief and intense evening. We choose as our favourite the new liquors made of Tequilla and marshmallow  and strawberry flavours (and colour).  A delicious drink that we will introduce you in the coming months. We also loved a Norwegian Gin.

©Kimerud -Norwegina Gin

Even these are not all the spirits and cocktails to be trendy in this 2015, it is for sure that the above mentioned will highlight along this year.

©Destilerias Ferri

Have you ever tasted the Negroni cocktail? Thank you for leaving us your comment.

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