What is a frizzante wine?

You might have heard this word before, frizzante, but do you really know what does frizzante wine means?

Frizzante wine is an Italian word that means semi-sparkling wine so it is not a sparkling wine but it does have a little of natural carbonic that comes from a second fermentation and it is a natural way of getting some little but hardly noticeable bubbles. These semi-sparkling wines are low-proof alcoholic wines (between 5% and 10%), easy to drink, perfect to share with friends, to relax at home at the end of a busy day and they are worldwide popular between women and young people. In Spain we are getting this trend and making some really nice ones that are mainly elaborated between Zamora and Valladolid.

What I am about to introduce you today are some of the first frizzante wines we have tasted not long.

It was not long ago when I first knew about this winery (you can read more about them here and here – their leading product is a verdejo wine from Rueda) but I loved it because, as I told you before, their painstaking and modern packaging and glittering labels. It is known that women are more visual and we are seduced easily an attractive image and we prefer those things they look nice, specially if what we are about to discover is a wine that surprises you from the beginning and catches your attention because of that special aftertaste notes.  They are easy to drink and for those inexperienced in the world of wine that want to have a first experience. They are perfect for light food, salads, pasta, seafood and even Asian food.

Enniuis pink and white wines. From Spain.
Enniuis pink and white wines. From Spain.

Ennius are three semi-sparkling wines from Castilla y León elaborated with verdejo grape and tempranillo or Tinta de Toro grapes (tempranillo from Zamora). Here some of my tasting notes.

Ennius Frizzante

100% verdejo

Price: 6,99€

Straw yellow colour almost gold, bright and clean with fine bubble but almost unnoticeable. It looks like a non-sparkling wine. Bright and transparent trims.

In the nose attacks with bakery, white fruit, toasted bread, nuts, almonds and mint notes. Good intense.

In the palate is smooth with almost any bubbles, refreshing, fresh, well-balanced. Persistent. With an acid hint typical from the verdejo grape that makes this wine refreshing and not annoying. Easy to drink. Tremendous.

Ennius Frizzante

100%  Tempranillo (Pink wine)

Price: 6,99€

Red- pink -salmon colour with a touch of onion’s skin. Bright and clean with a fine and small bubble.

In the nose attacks with toasted bread, ham and almonds notes. Very original and peculiar aromas, cake and cherry notes. Fine and elegant aromas, fruity, intense and hints of almonds and seeds.

In the palate is smooth, fresh, well-balanced and a bit sweet. Easy to drink, it is almost a candy. With a fine bubble makes the taste very light. Really nice.

Ennius Red. Frizzante wine. Vino de la Tierra de Castillya y León
Ennius Red. Frizzante wine. Vino de la Tierra de Castillya y León

Ennius Frizzante

100% Tinta de Toro

Red wine.

Price: 6,99€

Cherry red colour, with violet trims, transparent and clean in the glass. Fine bubble.

In the nose attacks with strawberry, lollypop, bakery, black fruits, vanilla, almons, terroir and balsamic notes. Nice and simple aromas and fruity.

In the palate is spicy, fruity and slightly velvety, easy to drink, refreshing, fresh, well-balanced, with a little polished tannin, and some little bubbles almost unnoticeable. You drink it like water.

Suitable for people not used to alcohol, uninitiated in wine.

Higly recommended wines so please, have a try and leave me a comment when you do!

Have you ever tried them? Please, share with me your thoughts. Thank you.

Black label for Ennius Red.
Black label for Ennius Red.

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