Spreading the World of wine between women

There’s nothing like looking back and remember what we had the chance to live last year. We will share some of our moments around some of our wines, little but amazing wineries. Wines and wineries that might be more appealing to women because of the handcraft and painstaking elaboration, elegant, easy to drink, very appealing in the bottle but also when you try them.

  • Bazar Me Lo Pido Meeting. January 2014.

3 Ases was been presented in Madrid society, thanks to Ana Zuazo (Coordinator of the section El Mundo’s weekly supplement –La Luna de Metrópoli) and the artists Marcos Garaban (and their wonderful wedding gowns ) and Jose Maria Pascual, who elaborates handmade jewelry especially for the occasion. A clear success.

All the attendees
All the attendees. © Alejandra Sanz
 3 Ases. Ribera del Duero.
3 Ases. Ribera del Duero.© Alejandra Sanz
  • GUINDA DE SERRANO. March 2014.

An exclusive Outlet with the best trademarks of clothes like Gucci, Dior, Armani among others where we had the chance to present on ouf our favourite wines. Don Bernardino Selección. Another clear success of one of our first bets in this world of wine.



Luna de Mar red wine from Valencia, full bodied, round and elegant. Easy to drink. The favorite among all attendees, men and women. A great night with wonderful proffesionals and persons.

Luna de Mar (red wine), D.O. Valencia. © Dibea Creativos, Beatriz Tudanca
Luna de Mar (red wine), D.O. Valencia. © Dibea Creativos, Beatriz Tudanca
Nuria (left) and Virginia (right) (aka Spanish Wine Sisters) © Dibea Creativos, Beatriz Tudanca
Nuria (left) and Virginia (right) (aka Spanish Wine Sisters)
© Dibea Creativos, Beatriz Tudanca

  • Natural wines at Señorita Malauva’s wine tasting. October and November 2014.

Natural and biodynamic wines are fashionable, such was the success experienced in both the tastings with our friends from Señorita Malauva wine shop and one of the most emblematic places of Madrid, Bodegas Rosell restaurant. A clear success to Cero Joven (Alicante), Dominio del Magro (Valencia), Célebre (Jumilla) and different wines from Bodega La Encina (Organic Wine Artisans).



  • Christmas Wine tasting at Señorita Malauva wine shop. December 2014.

Special wines from Chistmas that we share with all the attendees for those special days. A superb white wine from Rioja, 100% Viura, a delicious aged Ribera del Duero and a handcrafted Cava of limited edition – one of the best sparkling wines from Catalonia that we have ever tasted.


  • BAZAR ME LO PIDO EN VIVO. Diciembre 2014.

Last december we had the chance to be part of this exclusive flea market and showroom with some of the best professionals and stores in Madrid selling Spanish products. We had some of our selected wines. No doubt, wine is trendy!


en vivo copia

And this year we have started with a wine tasting at a towncentre restaurant called Restaurante Manolo (Princesa, 83) with a clear success from the three wines we presented: Armontes Godello white wine, Don Bernardino Selección and Carmine Crianza (aged wine)- recommended wine these days at the restaurant. Not to be missed its perfect combination with the delicious restaurant’s cuisine. A must.


Wines at Restaurante Manolo.
Wines at Restaurante Manolo.

At the wine tasting
At the wine tasting
Carmine Crianza. D.O. Jumilla.
Carmine Crianza. D.O. Jumilla.

Last year was the start of a beautiful women’s future that we pretend to seduce and convince all women to try what we consider some, various of the best wines from our country – among the vast offer and fabulous elaboration from all the national wineries.

This is a long way to go. Would you join us?

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See you soon-

Spanish Wine Sisters

Natural and byodinamic wines. La Encina.
Natural and byodinamic wines. La Encina.

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