A select Verdejo wine of today

Generally I run from the classics. As a wine lover and curious, I’m always looking for the next new thing that can surprise me. And the rarer the better, the less I know it the more I like it. I like to discover things from places to which I cannot physisically go at the moment – but my goal is to visit all those winemakers who do something different and struggle to highlight the immense variety that exists in our country.

However, not long ago we stumbled upon a well- known and popular classic Apellation of Origin among the inhabitants of the real world: Rueda. This region is located in the province of Valladolid, whose main towns are La Seca, Rueda and Serrada . In the middle of this triangle is the town where this winery is from, this small but ambitious project whose owners come from the phytosanitary industry – so they know they land and how to treat it quite naturally. Its vineyards, they own 81 acres, are located in a strategic area of the region, whose land has several wells that serve as irrigation for the vineyards. The raw material with which they work is controlled to the extreme to get from these special plot grapes of the highest quality. “La Finca de los Valencianos” as it is called in the area, has two grapes: Verdejo and Sauvignon Blanc. Today I want to introduce you their Verdejo wine.

Dinastía de Helenio D.O. Rueda. 100% Verdejo. Selected grapes from their own vineyards.
Dinastía de Helenio D.O. Rueda. 100% Verdejo. Selected grapes from their own vineyards.

I have to confess that I have a special spot for Verdejo wines, but there are so many different ones in the market these days, some even I am dare to say I give bad name to the native grape of Rueda. Dinastía de Helenio is not an acid, bitter and sometimes annoying to the taste Verdejo wine – for those who have a little more sensitive palate. This wine is one of those that you can have with mostly everything. It is a versatile wine, easy to drink and fruity.

First, you will be attracted for its image: modern, clean, appealing and attractive. Then when you try it you will find that not all is said in Rueda, there is always something you can find in this ancestral-habit-of-making-wine region such as the existence of mankind on Earth.

Pure breed, made with a careful selection of grapes from the winery property.

Try it and let me know what you think.

Theseus (Sauvignon Blanc) and Dinastia de Helenio (Verdejo). D.O. Rueda (Spain)
Theseus (Sauvignon Blanc) and Dinastia de Helenio (Verdejo). D.O. Rueda (Spain)

Dinastía de Helenio

100% Verdejo

Precio: 6,15€

Proof.: 12,5%

Colour: Straw yellow colour, clean and transparent, bright with greenish highlights.

 In the nose attacks with banana, pear, green apple, pineapple, white flowers aromas with herbaceous, citrus, lychee and green fruits notes. Nice and intense aromas.

In the palate is smooth, velvety, refreshing, fresh, well-balanced with a nice acidity. A very well elaborated verdejo with its salty touch and a very light sense of bitterness. Easy to drink and very nice in the palate. Lingering.

Perfect to have with salads, seafood, risottos, paellas, White meats, as appetizer, to drink alone or share with friends and family for a nice chat.

Have you ever tasted this wine? What other Verdejo white wine would you recommend me? Thanks for leaving me your comment.


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Silver Medal at Zarcillo Awards 2013.
Silver Medal at Zarcillo Awards 2013.

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