2015: Our New Year’s Resolutions

It is said that the way you start the New Year it is the way you will spend the rest of it. That means, that if you start working that will probably will bring lots of work along the next twelve months ahead. We believe, though, each of us builds their own fate.

The truth is that we have started our year working and celebrating and toasting with some friends and customers and that is a wonderful way of starting a new year! We do expect to bring lots of more Spanish wines to you, a reason to celebrate with our delightful wines and wine cellars. We do hope to share many of our little knowledge into this world of wine so we can learn and enjoy together. We hope to bring joy and wine to many homes and celebrate together every moment of success and party you can have along this 2015. Always, with the best Spanish wines and recipes. Some amazing new projects are about to start and we hope to share here soon.

We have been blessed with some faithful readers and it is to you, and to all those who are about come, we are here to sweeten up your lives … and thanking you for this amazing 2014 we are hoping you stay with us in this 2015.

Spanish Wine Sisters

Happy 2015
Happy 2015

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