El Paseante, born to be discovered

Vinos El Paseante were born to reflect the origin of the most singular regions of Spain, with some of the most representative from each one. These regions are now at its peak and are meant to show to the wine lover the terroir character of each vineyard specially selected for this project.

Just like the traveller visits the land to watch the vine turn into the best wines of our country, these two bottle of El Paseante (=walker) arrived home with hardly noticing what we were receiving then, a couple of bottles that reflect its philosophy. A red wine elaborated from the mencía grape, autochthonous from Leon and Galicia, with full-bodied and very fruity wines (see that evening when a lady’s group – all over their 60s- decided to meet as they used to do every now and then, they had an entire bottle of Pétalos del Bierzo), or this popular Verdejo from Rueda – very suitable for any occasion-. Original and easy to drink wines, classy and perfect to introduce the wine lover into this singular but so traditional regions affordable for any one as these wines you can find them between 8€-9€ in Spain and Spanish online stores.

La Escucha's label.
La Escucha’s label.

La Gresca (Cava), La Pelea (Rioja), El Pispa (Monstant), La Escucha (Bierzo) and La Charla (Rueda) five authentical and unique wines looking for those who love quality, identity and genuineness of each región.

El Paseante has walked through the vines of Spain looking for magic and selecting wines from different Apellation of Origins, each one of them with its personality, emotion, enthusiasm and culture. These unknown wines (a sparkling wine, three red wines and a white wine) express faithfully the geographical and viticulture vectors of their origins.

Inspired in the curious and full of vitality persons that seeks emotions, these wines reflects the way the wine industry is taking not only in Spain but also worldwide: a change marked by the singulariy and the sense of local.

Explore ancient roads, embrace unique experiences. Seek out and share unforgettable moments. Savour the wine’s  own world. Take pleasure in its culture, its geography, its character. Let yourself be delighted by its stories, its origin, its magic. It’s el Paseante. These are the Vinos del Paseante.

Vinos El Paseante Collection. Spain
Vinos El Paseante Collection. Spain

If you ever have the chance, don’t miss them! Tasting notes as follows:

La Charla. 100% Verdejo. D.O. Rueda. Spain.
La Charla. 100% Verdejo. D.O. Rueda. Spain.

La Escucha

D.O. Bierzo

100% Mencía.

Proof. : 14%

Price: 9€-10€

Colour: ruby red with pink border and lollypop red hues.

In the nose attacks with nuts, straberry and toffee notes. Smells like a stew. Very fruity.

In the palate is smooth with sweet and polished tannin, refreshing, tasty and with herbaceous notes. Well-balanced, light and long aftertaste.

Perfect with snacks, aperitifs, cheese, risottos, boletus and stews

La Escucha. 100% Mencía. D.O. El Bierzo. Spain.
La Escucha. 100% Mencía. D.O. El Bierzo. Spain.

La Charla

100% Verdejo

D.O. Rueda

Proof:  12,5%

Price: 8€-9€

Colour: Straw yellow colour, limpid and bright with greenish iridescence.

In the nose attacks with pineapple, mango, tropical fruits, citrus and almonds notes, with a hint of anise. Refreshing and fruity nose with balsamic and white flowers notes. Classic and good verdejo.

In the palate is smooth, salty, velvety, tasty, fruity, well-balanced and with a nice acidity. It is easy to drink. Nice and perfect as a snack.

Perfect with aperitifs, white meat, risottos, seafood, salads…

Have you tasted these wines? Please, leave us your comment. Thank you.


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