Organic wines now in Rioja

Organic wines are trendy these years with Institutions controlling and certifying they are indeed elaborated in an organic and handcrafted way. But this seems to be no passing fad since the biggest wineries and wine companies are now following this trend trying to find a place in that market niche: people that are looking for something different environmentally sustainable that cares about the land and the world we live in (that world some seem to want to break down) besides that wines are high quality and nice when drinking them – to our palate, so subjective-.

As you may know we have been in the lastest months trying some organic wines (you can read it here and here ) from some really interesting Spanish wineries where wine is more loyal to the terroir where the vine grows and reflects in a more natural way the grape’s character and DNA. Viticulturists that want to make things different.

One of the lastest events we visited , a couple of folks introduced us to a guy from one of the biggest wine company groups in Spain and we had the chance to taste some wine and he soon will introduce to this new arrival from Haro (Rioja), part of Rioja’s Apellation of Origin and certified with the seal from Rioja’s Organic Farming.

Viña Zaco 2010.  D.O. Ca. Rioja
Viña Zaco 2010. D.O. Ca. Rioja

Viña Zaco’s origin comes from modernised vineyards into which they pura ll the experience and technology of their bodega. Viña Zaco is made entirely from the Tempranillo grape; a meticulous selection of just the right grapes to obtain this characteristic style of wine, with an expressiveness and personality that will leave no-one indifferent.

Part of the secret of its charm lies in the winemaking process, based on a single-minded aim: to bring out its virtues of fruitiness and freshness for you to savour at will

An organic wine with a touch of elegance ann good future. Worth considering this wine to enjoy at your table for something different.

Italian Style chicken with Viña Zaco
Italian Style chicken with Viña Zaco

Viña Zaco 2010

D.O. Ca. Rioja

Organic wine with sulfites, contains egg.

Proof grading: 13,5%

Precio: 7€-9€

Colour:  red cherry with pink borders.

In the nose attacks with red fruits, puff pastry notes. Fine and elegant aroma.  From the terroir with balsamic notes.

In the palate is spicy, smooth, enveloping taste, elegant, fruity with a nice acidity. Very well-balanced. Long aftertaste. A youg red wine from Rioja with a polished tanning that’s refreshing in the palate and sweet. It will develop in the next months and will be worth to try again. Very different from wines from Alicante that we have tasted before.

Best with: Italian style chicken.

Have you ever tried this wine? Would you recommend me another organic wine? Thank you for leaving me your comment.

Back label.
Back label.

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