Our last succesful wine tasting

It was over a week ago when Vinuranto did a new wine tasting. This time we had the chance to taste and introduce to our fellows  some organc wines, hand crafted and Mediterranean (fro the East, South East Spanish coast) wines.

We spent a pleasant and funny evening with these three wines and the tapas we were served to marry them. We could share with all the attendees the difference between organic and biodynamic wines. Nacho (from the wine store Señorita Malauva) served those awesome tapas that paired perfectly with the wines: Cero Joven (young red organic wine from Alicante), Dominio del Magro (Valencia) and Célebre (3 months of oak barrel from Jumilla). (-I am still remembering those boletus with Cero Joven, stunning!-)

The organic and handcrafted wines from the Mediterranean side had all the ingredients to succeed that evening and they did. Among new and old friends  we spent a wonderful evening thanks to these three five-star wines.

Little by Little Vinuranto’s wines are getting its place in the difficult madrilean market and they are increasingly popular.

If you are visiting Madrid, don’t miss Señorita Malauva to taste these wines  (or many others from our country).

Barbieri, 20

Madrid 28004

Tel. 910. 075. 996

(Metro Chueca next to Mercado de San Anton- San Anton Market)

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