Galician style at your table

Traditional and home crafted products are trendy these days. Getting back to traditional methods of elaboration against the modernity in the elaboration of the trendiest beverages and spirits whether they are wines, liquors or spirits to achieve a high quality results. Plus a neat label according to the market’s requests in order to stand out from others.

Label detail from Devanceiros Orujo
Label detail from Devanceiros Orujo

From that label I stand for that colourful tree, that was in fact the first thing that caught our eye.  A beautiful label that would might represent a first class product. Bingo! Orujo liquor (liquor distilled from grape remains) and Herbs & Coffee liquors are elaborated in traditional way as their ancestors did, with natural ingredients and no chemicals or man-made ingredients.

Cork detail.
Cork detail.

The image does not conflict with the taste or quality of a product with its image, you have to care, pamper and treat all by independently for a finish as perfect as possible. Devanceiros meets these requirements that it’s not only by looking good on the table when you are about to enjoy your meal or appetizer, but also to keep the traditions that build us an identity traditions that should never die.

A very high quality liquors recommendation for a superb after-dinner conversation. Tasting notes as follows

Devanceiros Orujo de Galicia.
Devanceiros Orujo de Galicia.

Orujo Devanceiros. Orujo de Galicia

Discover Orujo de Galicia Devanceiros at our store

Transparent, bright and clean colour.

In the nose attacks with citrus and balsamic notes, hay and sea hints. Fruity, apple with a brown sugar hint. Intense and very nice aromas.

In the palate is smooth, light and a bit spicy in the aftertaste. Fruity with grape taste notes. Creamy and natural. Alcohol is very well integrated.

Have you ever tasted this Orujo- Galician liquor? Please share your thoughts. Thank you.

Love of detail: Devanceiros. Discover all their liquors click on the photo.
Love of detail: Devanceiros. Discover all their liquors click on the photo.

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