Which is the best wine in the world?

Many times we have wondered and questioned which the best wine in the world is. You would always have the same answer: the one you like. And it is true, as true as I am wearing a white t-shirt of The Beatles from their Help album.

And there’s no accounting for taste. There are so many assortments of tastes as colours in a rainbow – those colours you try to guess when one appears up on the sky and you even try to guess how many tones you can find in it.

Which is the best wine in the world?
Which is the best wine in the world?

Wine is exactly the same. There are so many and such big it‘s their assortment that you can only agree to say you like this or this type of elaboration or colour.

This time, not to set a precedent, I am telling you what I like. You might agree or you might not. It is one very fruity, that tastes like strawberry, it is sweet but with a little soft hint of wood, very subtle, like velvety, which envelops you and pleases you. That one even after four days in the fridge you can still drink it because it is even better than the first day.  That’s weird, I know.  But, why would you take four days to drink a bottle of wine?-You may wonder. Well, it all depends. Depends on how many of you are drinking that same bottle: maybe five, four, two or one person (s). In my case, we are normally two, but more than often I am the only one drinking that bottle. As you might guess, it is difficult to end a bottle if you are only drinking two of you without being a bit merry and if you have to get back to work later on, you cannot have more than a glass of wine with your meal. The healthy thing, actually.

But f you are five people drinking, this wine won’t last long. Why? Because it is natural (organic), it has no sulfites added- that is, it is not heady- it is hand-crafted elaborated following the moon phases calendar, fermented with music and with eco-label.

It is no wordy, it’s true. Try and check it out for yourself.

Cero 2009 and Albalat 2012. Organic wine from Alicante, Spain.
Cero 2009 and Albalat 2012. Organic wine from Alicante, Spain.

Albalat 2012

Monastrell- Garnacha (Grenache)

Vol: 13,5%

Viñedos de España

Zone: Alicante, Spain.

Organic and biodynamic grapes. Hand-crafted made

Price: 9€-12€ (now available at our store)

Colour: red cherry with violet trim.

In the nose attacks with notes of strawberry, butter and terroir. Smells like true wine: blackberry, field, grape. It has mineral notes as well as banana skin and ripe fruit. Very powerful.

In the palate is spicy with a sweet and good tannin, good acidic notes. Tastes like strawberry candy. Powerful and long life still. Very tasty. Light.

Pairs with filling meats.

Cero 2009

10 months in oak barrel

Garnacha (Grenache)

Vol: 13,5%

Zone: Alicante, Spain

Wine from organically growing grapes. Hand-crafted made.

Price: 12€-16€  (now available at our store)

Colour: almost red-chocolate color with violet trims and hints of red lollypop. Bright and clean. High intensity.

In the nose attacks with sea, balsamic and herbaceous notes. Hints of licorice and butter. Black fruits, vanilla and mint. Tobacco.

In the palate is smooth with a good polished tannin, fruity, well-balanced, light but powerful. Long life still. Spicy. Long and fruity aftertaste.


In your opinion, which is the best wine in the world? Please, leave me your comment. Thank you.

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