Top 5 Mediterranean Spanish wines

Sometime ago, before the crisis started, before we all felt the climate change affecting us all over the world, September used to be a warm month for Spain. You would come back from your summer holidays and suffering some high temperatures at the beach (South Spain) and despite what all this means:  going back to your routine and jobs, it  would also mean that you will have some time off from high temperatures, and spend a month or so with warm temperatures. Those beautiful days when leaves started falling from the trees, you would only wear a jacket or so –never needed more! – , like mother Earth was telling you that autumn was about to arrive.

Madrid in autumn
Madrid in autumn

That used to be then, not so long ago… maybe ten years ago, maybe a bit more. It all has changed. September in the past years has been very hot and even until mid November would be wearing short sleeve.

Despite it all, we have not changed that much. We still love having paellas, gazpacho, salads and traditional fried fish from the South, and I cannot miss this chance to recommend you our top 5 Mediterranean wines, perfect for any of the mention above and stews and grilled food as well…

Luna de Mar Red Wine. D.O.Valencia, Spain.
Luna de Mar Red Wine. D.O.Valencia, Spain.
  1. Luna de Mar Red Wine.

D.O. Valencia

Grapes: Merlot, Tintorera, Cabernet Sauvignon y Syrah

Price: 6,10€ at our store

Colour:  red cherry color

In the nose attacks with red fruits and spicy notes and smoked notes tha come from the oak.

In the palate is salty, well balanced, full bodied and sweet tannins.

Best pairs with:  snacks, cheese, cold cuts,all kind of meats and risottos

Cero Young Red wine. Organic wine from Alicante, Spain.
Cero Young Red wine. Organic wine from Alicante, Spain.
  1. Cero Young Red

Organic, Natural wine

Grapes: Garnacha (Grenache), Monastrell, Merlot

Price: 6,75€ t our store

Colour red cherry with lollypop color hues, with violet borders

In the nose attacks with strawberry candy and bakery notes, toffee, coffee, blackberry and red fruits. Balsamics hues, fennel and mint. Refreshing and nice aromas.

In the palate is slightliy spicy and then turns to be smooth with a hue of the terroir. It is light, fresh, very balsamic and bit spicy with a very polished tannin. It’s different, original and amazing. Full-bodied wine.

Pairs with: Sauteed breadcrumbs cooked “shepherdess style”, Spanish sausage (“chistorra”), pasta, cold cuts, meat.

 Our recommendation: to serve cool (12ºC). Improves as days pass by.

D.O. Alicante, 100% Muscatel
D.O. Alicante, 100% Muscatel

  1. Marina Alta Dry White


D.O. Alicante

Price: 5€ at our store

Tasting notes:

Colour: pale Straw yellow. bright

In the nose attacks with bakery, pastry, meadow-flowers, cream roll and citrus hints notes.

In the palate is creamy, fresh, easy to drink, with a salty (mineral) hint.

Célebre Robel. D.O. Jumilla, Spain.
Célebre Robel. D.O. Jumilla, Spain.
  1. Célebre Roble

D.O. Jumilla

Graduation: 14% vol.

Grapes: Monastrell, Syrah.

Price: 5,10€

Peñin Points: 93

Colour: red ruby with pink boders

In the nose attacks with red fruits, vanilla notes and a woman’s perfume, field’s plants, toasted notes. Very nice.

In the palate is creamy, smooth slightly acidic, with a polished tannin but sweet, tasty, fresh, sweet. Really nice. Fresh aftertaste.

Viñamalata. D.O. Valencia, Spain.
Viñamalata. D.O. Valencia, Spain.

  1. Viñamalata Dry White

D.O. Valencia


Alc. Content: 11% vol.

Price: 3,65€

Colour: pale staw yellow

Nose: toasted bread, fine and sweet nose with muscatel aromas. White flowers, smells like Christmas (=Spanish tradition of having grapes at New Year’s Eve), stone fruits. Delicate and intense.

Palate:  smooth, embracing taste, fresh, very well balanced, easy to drink, light. With a slightly pleasant acidic scent . Slightly salty. Fruity and easy to drink.

Perfect pairs with appetizers salads, risottos, fish and seafood. Served very cold.

Ever tried any of these? Please leave us a comment with your experience and rate this post if you have enjoyed it! Thank you.

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