Travelling around Guadarrama (Madrid)

Every now and then I imagine how some special, beautiful and traditional towns from the mountains in Madrid were back in the day, a century ago. The pictures I catch up with in a restaurant I visit takes me back to that time where we didn’t have smartphones, television or Internet. That time when everything you had to if yourself.

Walking around the town centre of Guadarrama you can imagine how it all used be with only those four streets. I sit down at the table to enjoy a good meal and that photograph takes me back in time.

In this lovely town, there’s a nice place to visit, a traditional restaurant that’s worth visiting. I am sure if you ever visited the town you know it. It is the classic one from the town.


What it surprises me in here, this time I visit (after a few and different times) is that despite its tradition and classic menu, you never get disappointed. It is even surprising this is the very few places I know with a good selection of “glass of wines”: Viña Albali Reserva for 2,20€ ó Ramón Bilbao Crianza for 2€, among others.

This is one of those places that when the Champions League happens it is full of people watching the game and having some tapas. Up there in the restaurant, food as good as it is downstairs, or even better!

Restaurante Valladolid

Calle de Alfonso Senra, 43,

28440 Guadarrama, Madrid

Tel. 918 54 71 91

Recommendation: breadcrumb mushrooms with garlic sauce and your galss of wine, sunny side up eggs

Ever visited Guadarrama? Any other place you would recommend?. Leave your comment below, thank you!

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