What my heart dreams about

Armontes Single Vineyard 2013. D.O. Valdeorras. Galicia.
Armontes Single Vineyard 2013. D.O. Valdeorras. Galicia.

As nonfigurative painting, my eyes were lost in those shades of greenish with its relifs and some shades of blue. Might it be because it reflects the land where it comes from of high hillsides, neverending rivers that end up at the vast ocean, from a land where each bottle has its own personality, where each plants tells a story.

From that dreamland, that bottle that from which I lose my own person and I even forget my name, I only remember his. Armontes.  I just disvover the Galician lands that my heart dreams of every night.  What a glass of that tasty morsel made from grapes that I discover any of those days forgetting about what was that thing that brought me into this wonderful world of wine.

From Galician mountains emanates the history, lives the lad, time passes by unaware of the world.

© www.abalargalicia.com
© http://www.abalargalicia.com

“The nature still domain in Xagoaza. In its steep slopes, our vineyards grow up and require a work by hand every day. Armontes expresses all the character and personality of Godello grapes, that we harvest with effort in the same vineyard that names this wine”. The Winery.

Armontes Single Vineyard 2013.

D.O.P. Valdeorras

100% Godello

Vol.: 13%

Price: 10€ (Now available at our store)

Colour: pale gold, transparent and clean with greenish hints

In the nose it is fruity, with banana, fresh notes and lichis, anise and citrus hints. Elegant and fine aromas. Nice.

In the palate it is smooth, slightly salty, embracing notes, well-balanced and velvety. Long and persistent aftertaste. Very nice and embracing.

Gratinéed risotto with delicious Godello.
Gratinéed risotto with delicious Godello.

We paired it with: gratinéed risotto

Other recommendations: seafood and fish.

Have you ever taste this wine? Tell me what you think!

Armontes 2013. 100% Godello.
Armontes 2013. 100% Godello.

2 thoughts on “What my heart dreams about

  1. I think you will have to come back to Galicia soon to explore the other DO regions you have not yet visited: Monterrei, Rías Baixas, Ribeira Sacra and Ribeiro.

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