A glass of Cava, anyone?.

Not only in Christmas you can enjoy a glass of Cava, with these summer high temperatures you can also enjoy a good glass of Cava with your meals. You know we love enjoying from good Catalonian traditions (a glass of Cava in every meal is a must!) and especially if it’s meant to enjoy and make everyone’s life easier.

 As it is usual in us, we don’t hop on the bandwagon of every Cava or winery (there are thousands!), this time we surrender to Codorniu and Mariscal’s art for creating a unique bottle and wine. This is indeed a very fashionable and refreshing way of enjoying summer with a glass of  Spanish Cava (sparkling wine).

Mediterrania is a way of living and enjoying, a way of celebrating and sharing. It is a Brut cava elaborated from the blend of the smooth traditional grape varieties typical from Mediterranean coast: macabeo, xarel.lo y parellada. Grapes that provide ripe fruit, vitality and citrus and white flowers perfum.

Besides, this Brut also has four different labels. We had the fortune to have in our hands the light blue one, perhaps the most Mediterranean of them all. But, would which one do yu prefer?.





If you have the chance, don’t miss tasting this excepcional Cava!

Tasting notes Mediterrania Brut

D.O. Cava

Grapes: macabeo, xarel.lo y parellada

Price: 6,85€ at our online store

Colour: straw gold yellow, bright and very festive. Fine bubble.

In the nose: bakery, toasted bread, white flowers citrus notes. Nice and fresh nose.

In the palate is smooth, fresh, slightly bitter but creamy and with mineral notes. Fine and stylish bubble. Toasted and long aftertaste. Tasty and very yummy. As it’s a bit sweeter than other Bruts you can easily drink it and enjoy it with pleasure.

Best pairing with grilled chicken, seafood, desserts and cakes.

Grilled chickena dn Cava
Grilled chicken and Cava

Have you ever tried this Cava? Would you recommend us anyother remarkable Cava or sparkling wine?. Thank you  for leaving your comment!

Mediterrania with chocolate and biscuits. Delightful!
Mediterrania with chocolate and biscuits cake. Delightful!

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