The savoir faire of Valencian winemakers

There’s no doubt that Valencian winemakers and wineries are stepping out and are promoting and producing great wines that pairs perfectly with our Mediterranean diet. White and red wines that I present today and recommend.

Vineyards ©La Baronia de Turis.
Vineyards ©La Baronia de Turis.

Taking care of the inside and the outside

Although I know it’s not the first time you read the name of these wines, I have never had the opportunity to share an entire post about these wines that in recent months are having great success among the female audience when we have presented them. Today I want to share it and expend a little more time and a few lines to these wines that go great with our daily lives, they are worth for a special event, dinner or celebration, such as a barbecue, a meal with family or friends. Success is guaranteed.

The wineries philosophy: respect, love and passion

La Baronia de Turis is a Valencian Cooperative that produces wines since the Iberian times but it was not until 1920 when 70 farmers were associated with the goal of making quality wines. Today has 713 members, 1000 ha. of vineyards and the technology to produce all references.

His philosophy is summed up in three words: respect, love and passion. Respect for the land, love for their work and passion for quality winemaking.

The result: Mediterranean wines ideal to take any time at a very good price.

Luna de Mar Blanco. D.O. Valencia.
Luna de Mar Blanco. D.O. Valencia.

Tasting notes

Luna de Mar White

D.O. Valencia

Sauvignon Blanc, Moscatel

Alc. content: 11% vol.

Price: 6,10€

Colour: pale straw yellow

Nose:  lychees, anise, balsamics, herbs, sea, stone fruits.

Palate: Sharp, creamy, slightly sweet, but very refreshing with citrus notes. Very cold it impresses and amazes.

Pairs with appetizers, foie, snacks, grilled fish, seafood. Served very cold (6º)

Dominio del Magro. Red wine. D.O. Valencia.
Dominio del Magro. Red wine. D.O. Valencia.

Dominio del Magro

D.O. Valencia

Tempranillo, Merlot

Alc. Content : 13%

Price: 3,95€

Colour: cherrie red with pink trim.

Nose: sea, blackberry, lollipop strawberry, with slightly vanilla touch, herbaceous, red fruits. Seaport, smells like the beach with creamy scent. Nice nose.

Palate is smooth, very tasty, with a very fruity taste. With a polished tannin, fresh, well-balanced, original, but very nice. Persistent and refreshing. Light.

Pairs with  risottos, stew, cheese.

Viñamalata. D.O. Valencia.
Viñamalata. D.O. Valencia.

Viñamalata Blanco

D.O. Valencia


Alc. Content: 11% vol.

Price: 3,65€

Colour: pale staw yellow

Nose: toasted bread, fine and sweet nose with muscatel aromas. White flowers, smells like Christmas (=Spanish tradition of having grapes at New Year’s Eve), stone fruits. Delicate and intense.

Palate:  smooth, embracing taste, fresh, very well balanced, easy to drink, light. With a slightly pleasant acidic scent . Slightly salty. Fruity and easy to drink.

Perfect pairs with appetizers salads, risottos, fish and seafood. Served very cold.

And for desserts…

Our recomendación, from this recomendable winery, their sweet wine of Moscatel grape. Not to be missed!


Dona Dolça

D.O. Valencia


15% vol.

Price: 4,60€

Nose:  floral aroma, lemon and fruit.

Palate: very well-balanced between sweetness and acidity. Fruity aftertaste with a spicy scent. Creamy and very sweet.

Perfects with  desserts, coffee y foies.

Dona Dolça ideal with desserts and coffee.
Dona Dolça ideal with desserts and coffee.

Have you had the chance to taste any of these wines? What you think? Share your experience here! Thank you.


Viñamalata. D.O. Valencia with grilled Italian chicken.
Viñamalata. D.O. Valencia with grilled Italian chicken.

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