Art, fashion and wine

When these three elements come together it is not surprising that the event is a success among the audience as these three ingredients have a point in common: it is a handmade product that comes from raw material to become something completely new and wonderful, ready to be enjoyed, worn or shown.

Lolal Pinel y Vinuranto

Last 26th of June 2014 Lola Pinel, highly reputed painter who has a Fashion and Arts workshop downtown in Madrid (Tirso de Molina), presented in her workshop her new wedding dress from her 2014 Collection with flamenco-style and hand-painted floral motifs so this is a unique and very exclusive design that Lola gives to her customers. An original and stylish way of celebrating the most special day.


Nuria (left, aka Spanish Wine Sister) and Lola (blonde, middle)with two of the attendees
Nuria (left, aka Spanish Wine Sister) and Lola (blonde, middle)with two of the attendees

At this event we also offered al the attendees a glass of red wine and a pleasant tasting of our wines from the D.O. Valencia that we represent in Madrid, Dominio del Magro, specially chosen for this moment.

Lola Pinel apart from wedding dresses, she also organizes wedding and offers all kind of details and complements for that special day apart from prom and cocktail dresses and several gifts for your guests. Now she also offers a little but selected portfolio of wines for that special day. You can visit her website here and check her work here.


Vinuranto, our wine and spirits store and distributor focused on the world of women, offers companies and individuals wine tastings, events and celebrations consueling with selected and exclusive wine and spirits portfolio. Besides we have an online store where you can buy our products and this blog wehere you can read our recomentions and all kind of tips to taste, enjoy and pair wines. More info here

Would you like us to recomend us any wine to share in this blog?


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