Rosé wines: the trendiest for this summer

There’s no doubt that rosé wines are trendy this summer and I am very happy about this fact because nowadays many wineries are watching over the elaboration of this wonderful and versatile wine, just like shows the last event held not long ago in Madrid dedicated to this wines

Today I am introducing you two cavas, one from Sant Sadurní d’Anoia (Catalonia) and other one from Valencia, both with appellation of Origin Cava (D.O. Cava). Delicious, with beautiful colour and perfect to have with your meals. If you have never experienced this, I pretty much recommend you: a glass of cava with your summer meal will make it very special. You will repeat the experience for sure.

The first of them we taste it at home, one of those nights, after a long and hard day of work. A chicken escalope, a movie to watch, a glass of wine… and get ready to enjoy! When the weekend arrived we had it with chicken risotto. You have to try that!

Our friends from Valencia, from a small village from Valencia called Calles, elaborate very painstaking cavas. Their rosé cava has a stylish and elegant label and its contents is sweet and delicious is the perfect company for these summer days.

D.O. Cava Pinot Noir Rosé.
D.O. Cava Pinot Noir Rosé.

Juve & Camps Brut Rosé

100% Pinot Noir

Proof Vol: 12%

D.O.: Cava

Juvé & Camps Rosé Brut Video

Perfect with: risottos, pastas, pescado, comida japonesa y aves.

Dominio de Calles Brut Nature Rosado

100% Grenache

Proof Vol.:11,5%

D.O.: Cava

Red strawberry colour  with pink trim, with a fine bubble

In the nose attacks with strawberry chewing-gum, bakery and mint notes, rose flower with scents of lemon and Apple scents. Mouth-watering.

In the palate is acidic, refreshing, with a sweet scent at the end. Tastes like strawberry. It is fresh with a fine bubble. Very refreshing and cintrus scents. Well-balanced ad perfect to enjoy alone. Long aftertaste. Develops well in glass. Very refreshing.

Perfect with: foie, cured “fuet” Catalan sausage, migas (Sauteed breadcrumbs cooked “shepherdess style)”, cheese.

Dominio de Calles. D.O. Cava
Dominio de Calles. D.O. Cava

If you dare to try this experience, do not hesitate and share it here with me!

Happy summer!

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