Something you will never forget.

“La Nariz de Oro” final, where the best Spain’s sommelier is chosen, this year took place at Villamagna Hotel, where the best Spanish wines are also awarded in their categories and some of them are showing their products to professional and customers along those 2 days of this event.

"La Nariz de Oro" 2014. Madrid, Spain.
“La Nariz de Oro” 2014. Madrid, Spain.

Summer was not yet here but high temperatures were. Yet, for a moment and an evening the world stopped.

That evening was one of those you cannot easily forget. The truth is that the place was not big enough and it was too hot in the room, but emotions that surround a glass of wine are indescribable and only those who have lived the experience of smelling the wine and be transported to another moment, another place can understand the emotional travel that a glass of wine recalls.

The trip that I lived then it is not easily describable, but I could maybe recommend what we tasted that evening and assure you that these wines and good company (like the one I had that day) you will be able to travel and remember forever the wine you are yet tasting.

We start our trip with a visit to Extremadura, Ribera del Guadiana. Carabal is a winery worth the mention and tasting. We loved what we tasted.

Carabal Wines. Extremadura, Spain.
Carabal Wines. Extremadura, Spain.

Carabal 2010 Rasgo. 3-5 months in oak barrel. D.O. Ribera del Guadiana.

In the nose is very fruity, cherries, toasted notes from the barrel, chocolate and balsamics hints. Also rockrose’s resin and terroir notes. The nose evolves.

In the palate is creamy, powerful, sweet, fresh, light with a refreshing aftertaste. Very nice and tasty.

Carabal Cávea 2009. 10-12 months in oak barrel.

In the nose is very balsamic and has terroir notes. Elegant nose with oak barrel notes, vanilla and bushes touch.

In the palate is slightly acidic with a polished and sweet tannin. Powerful. Tasty. Lots of blackberry notes. Fresh, expresive and very tasty.

Gulae. 18 months in French oak barrel. Mejor selección. 2010.

In the nose attack with vanilla and red fruits notes. Intense. Very sweet and velvety.

 In the palate is weet with polished, sweet and good tannin. Fresh, well-balanced. Recently bottled but with great future. Very nice.

The 3 labels on the back make Extremadura’s flag.

Extremadura's flag.
Extremadura’s flag.
Back Labels.
Back Labels.

El carchelo is a winery from Jumilla(Murcia) that we visited fast, we wanted to visit them later but we got too busy later on and we could not reach them. However, we liked what we tasted and the label is modern and catched our eye immediately. We will follow the steps of this one for sure.

Sierva 2011. Jumilla, Murcia.
Sierva 2011. Jumilla, Murcia.

Sierva 2011.

In the nose is more acidic and more  “green”. Smells like a seaport, has balsamic touch and fruity notes with the monastrell grape very present.

 The  palate is sweet, fresh, spicy, well-balanced, with a good tannin. Powerful and tasty. Really nice.

In Cantabria (north of Spain) are also some wineries, and not very far from Castro Urdiales. A winery with a really good wine, those you get amazed by and those of which you like repeating every time you can.

Casona  Micaela, Cantabria.
Casona Micaela, Cantabria.

Casona Micaela  2013. White.

In the nose attacks with yeast notes, toasted bread. It is fruity, with stone and tropical fruits.

In the palate is creamy, slightly acidic, very sweet, but very refreshing. Salty and spicy.

2012. It is more fruity with yeast scent. It is well-balanced and salty.  Rounded. With Spanish ham it was stunning !!

We visit the stand of Bodegas Torres well-known Spanish winery, with our friend Luis from Catamundos.

Perpetual. Bodegas Torres.
Perpetual. Bodegas Torres.

Perpetual. Priorat. 18 months in oak barrels.

In the nose attacks with nuts, compote and vanilla notes. Intense and stylish nose. Marvelous. Evolves. Can be drunk alone.

In the palate is spicy but powerful, light and enveloping. Well-balanced with compote notes and wood well assembled. Riche. Strawberry. Long aftertaste.

Mas La Plana 2010.
Mas La Plana 2010.

Maslaplana 2010. D.O. Pènedes (Catalonia) C. Sauvignon.

In the nose attacks with black fruits, rose flower. Intense with wood well assembled.

In the palate is fine, stylish, with a polished tanning and sweet, with black fruits notes. Very long life. Acidic but refreshing and very well-balanced.


Gran Muralles. 2006. Conca del Barberà. (Catalonia)

Classy and fine nose with vanilla, black fruits, licorice and blackberry notes. With balsamic scents.

It is tasty, yummy, sweet, minerally but stylish and fine. To drink alone and with no hurries. Very, very nice.

Marimar. Pinot Noir. 2009. Marimar Estate. California, USA.

In the nose attacks with strawberry, raspberry, toasted notes, red fruits, herbaceous and balsamics. Peanut shell.

In the palete is smooth, light with polished and sweet tannning, acidic but with long life and very nice to have withpowerful meats and to let it evolve.

Marimar. California, USA.
Marimar. California, USA.

We visit our friend Gorka from Bodegas Laztan (D.O. Rioja from Alava, Basque Country) and we taste his Maitane White wine 100% Viura grap with 18 months of oak barrel.

Maitane. 100% Viura. D.O. Rioja.
Maitane. 100% Viura. D.O. Rioja.

Yellow-gold coloured, in the palate is fruity, very fresh that reminds to a dry sherry but not so woody, with an acidic scent really nice, polished and slightly tannin. Salty. Evolves. Diferente. Very nice and original. Long aftertaste.

Portalon de San Martin. 2005. Gomez Cruzano winery. D.O. Rioja.

Lots of Wood and herbaceous notes and terroir in the nose.

In the palate is smooth, fresh, with a polished tannin. Good future. Develops very well.

En boca es suave, acidillo, fresco, con un tanino pulido con buen futuro. Evoluciona muy bien.

Gomez Cruzano's wine. D.O. Rioja.
Gomez Cruzano’s wine. D.O. Rioja.

We ge tinto Ribeira Sacra (Galicia) and we taste some Godello wines. We love them!

Ourive. Godello. 2012.

In the nose attacks with cornflour notes. It is very sweet, smells like corn, cheesy, carrot, stew, bay.

In the palate is smooth, sweet, light, fresh, well-balanced and refreshing. Very  nice.



In the nose attacks with butter and strawberry, toasted notes. Creamy nose.

 In the palate is smooth, sweet, creamy, fresh and very well-balanced.


Vel’veyre. Biodynamic viticulture, the look for authencity. 2012.

Very nice nose with toasted bread note. In the palate is light, smooth, well-balanced. Very well elaborated. Very nice.

And we ended up with a tremendous wine, Txakoli White wines from the Basque Country. These ones though, are much more than txakoli wines. Much more.

Txakoli White Wines.
Txakoli White Wines.

Señorio de Astobiza coupage. 2013.

Smells like Spanish ham, typical Godello wine: Stone and tropical fruits.

It is intense, minerally, refreshing, fruity with a citrus scent in the palate. Very nice.

Es intenso, salñino, refrescante, frutal, con toque cítrico. Muy rico.

Malkoa. 2013. In the nose it is more simple but still nice. Very creamy, seet, citrus notes and refreshing. Nice.

Zollo. 2013.

In the nose attacks with sulphur, balsamic, herbaceous and almonds notes.

In the palate is more acidic, more citrus. It is refreshing but evolves. Ideal to have with fish and paellas.


We end up our tour with our friends of Juve & Camps having a glass of Blanc de Noirs…

Obviously, with Ramon Bilbao being there and haveing the chance, I could not end this intense day of emotions, with a glass full of emotions:  Cruz de Alba. (Ribera del Duero)

Regardless of what you choose, the travel you can have with that glass of wine is as subjective as the election of that wine. Your wine.

Cheers and happy travel!


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