The revival of Spanish pink wines (II)

 “The Great Experience”.


In this second part of Pinks, we start off with a Pink from Argentia elaborated with Malbec grape of Lujan de Cuyo. Rosa de Argentina (Rose from Argentina), vintage 2013. With an almost light cherry red colour, has a sweet aroma, with bakery, berries and sugar notes. The palate is very structured and persistent.

Martin Berasategui (Spain), Homenaje (Spain) ,Molteni Rosato (Italia), Rosa de Argetina 2013.
Martin Berasategui (Spain), Homenaje (Spain) ,Molteni Rosato (Italia), Rosa de Argetina 2013.

Rosa de Argentina Brut Nature. 100% Malbec. Smells like “strawberry candy”, terroir, almonds. In the palate is slightly bitter but sweet with a touch of undergrowth. Very refreshing with a different taste but really nice.

Molteni Rosato Moscato. 100% Moscatel. Italia.Smells like moscatel wine, like a  pink “Marina Alta”. Very easy to drink.

Homenaje Rosado 2013. 100% Grenache. Marco Real winery. D.O. Navarra. Strawberry red colour, in the nose attacks with hay, strawberry, butter notes. Sweet and acidic and refreshing in the palate. Persistent.


Ercavio is a trademark of amazing, modern, young project which aim they spread out openly: “ We want to seduce the palate”. The winery located in Dos Barrios (Toledo, Spain) they produce their wines from native grapes – Airen, Cencibel y Grenache– and organically.

Their 100% Tempranillo (Cencibel) has a beautiful onion-skin-colour, has notes of strawberry and herbs, creamy in the nose. In the palate does not deceive and surprises, very fruity with pear notes, it is smooth, velvety and very structured.

We get get back to the land of Navarra and we meet Bodegas Inurrieta and their Inurrieta Mediodia 2013 (Grenache, Cabernet, Merlot y Syrah).in the noste has notes of strawberry, flowers, hay, bakery. In the palate is acidic, that dissipates and envelops. Juicy, well structured. Persistent and long.

In this trip through delicious pink-rosé wines, we get back to the D.O. Cava and we stop a while in a winery that is very well-known in this country Iand I am sure abroad, too): Codorniu.

Brut Rosé of Codornoi.
Anna de Codorniu Brut Rosé


In this evening we have the chance to taste Anna de Codorniu Brut Rosé, with a beautiful pale pink label and very feminine. Elaborated with 70% Pinot Noir y 30% Chardonnay, in the nose has bakery and seaport notes. In the palate is slightly acidic but smooth and easy to drink.

While the above is a good pink and perfect to party and toast,  Gran Codorniu Pinot Noir Vintage 2011 is a fine bubble, elegant and very fruity cava, very well-balanced and easy to drink. This one’s perfecto to make that perfect moment, to delight our palate in a summer night. Le chic, c’est Gran Codorniu.

On our tour we meet with some old friends, and some wine lovers that they recommend us a couple of wines: 7L of Bodegas La Legua de D,O. Cigales y el Frizzante Peñascal (sobran presentaciones también de éste).

Peñascal modern pink wines.
Peñascal modern pink wines.

In our “Peñascal Experience” the winery surprises us with three modern, very refereshing and sweet pink wines.

Peñascal Frizzante 5.5 Tempranillo is smooth, fruity but easy to drink, with balsamics and licorice notes.

Ponte Vecchio  Pink Moscato, is a moscatel with a touch of strawberry. Really yummy.

Peñascal Estate Tempranillo Rosé 2013. Sweet with salty touch and creamy. Persistent.

Peñascal Frizzante.
Peñascal Frizzante.

That evening not only Ramon Bilbao was there to represent La Rioja, we also had the chance to know this popular winery and taste their Sierra Cantabria Rosado 2013 (50% Tempranillo, 30% Grenache, 20% Viura) very structured and with a slightly tannin. With a pale pink colour has white flowers, bajery and fruity notes in the nose. In the palate is creamy, smooth, well-balanced, refreshing, and persistent. With a bitter touch but very refreshing and spicy.

To end up this great experience we stop at D.O. Somontano that we met one day, in a restaurant, at family meal and we tasted one of their red wines. Bodega Pirineos located in Barbastro combines tradition and modernization in a project where coexist native and foreign varieties. This was our experience these Aragonese wines.

Pirineos Rosado 2013. Merlot, Cabernet. In the nose highlights bakery notes, in the palate is slightly acidic but refreshing, full-bodied. Powerful.

Alquézar Rosado 2013 Vino de aguja. Tempranillo, cabernet. With bakery, fruity and balsamic notes. In the palates is fruity, well-balanced, very easy to drink. A real temptation.


Montesierra Rosado 2013. Tempranillo, Cabernet, Merlot. Lollipop red color and bakery, strawberry, hay and flowers notes in the nose. In the palate is smooth, slightly acidic, fruity, creamy, full-bodied and persistent.

Montesierra D.O. Somontano.
Montesierra D.O. Somontano.

An evening that ended with glasses of wine, new and old friends….A day full of new discoveries and arrangements.

Have you had a chance to try any of these wines?Let me have your say!

7L of La Legua Winery.
7L of La Legua Winery.

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