There’s something about this White wine…

The wine industry needs young people to help and open new horizons. It is hard, difficult but not impossible. Well you know that we try to bring that bit for those who still do not dare to venture into this wonderful world and they dare to remove that fear and enjoy a simple and wonderful glass of wine.

It wasn’t that long ago when we received this email from a young and amazing project. Some different, refreshing, simple, with a great label and image and with a worth-trying content.


White Morena is here to ease and please our life, to enjoy of a good wine and our loved ones. A verdejo white wine from Rueda (ValladolidI) with a different and creative packaging, perfect to share and take it with you anywhere. A new unique bottle of 250 millilitres with double-coating aluminum chills everything five times faster than glass and it weights at least 4 times less than a glass bottle and it’s recyclable at 100%. Now available only at online stores and some restaurants in Madrid. We loved the project and we did not hesitate a minute to try and collaborate together with these guys.

White Morena and delicious Italian chicken.
White Morena and delicious Italian chicken.

Hitting the ground

We introduce you the wine tasting of the vintage we tasted, the  first one in the market: 2012, fruity and refreshing. A delicious and good verdejo. As soon as we taste the new vintage, we will share here with you. Of course!

White Morena

100% Verdejo

Alcohol by: 12,5%

Price from 2,95€

In the nose attacks with hints of lichee, banana and some raisins. Anise touch, peaches, eucalyptus. Fruity and good aroma.

In the palate is creamy, fresh, well-balanced, smooth. Persistent, refreshing, salty and long. Simple but well elaborated.

Best pairs with risotto, paella, chicken, snacks. Perfect to share and to enjoy with friends and relax after a day in the office.

Want to know more about it? Please, visit our site!


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