Spanish wines conquering the world

It is not a secret that Spanish wines are conquering the world. Every international contest that we have to show off the world the quality of our wines, there we are. One of the latest competitions where a big amount of Spanish wines were awarded at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2014 is evidence of this.

 Spanish wines from all around the country were a good show of the quality and diversity of the wines and wineries you can find here. Not only those classic ones like Rioja’s Coto de Imaz Reserva (2010, Gold), Ysios Edicion Limitada (2009, Silver), Lan Reserva (2008, Silver) or Luis Cañas Crianza (2010, Gold) that you can taste any time you visit our country and pair it with a roast lamb or a nice steak, also a wonderful winerie located in Haro  (Rioja) that elaborate wines since 1924 and five of their six references were awarded in Bruxelles –Ramón Bilbao Edicion Limitada (2011,Silver), Reserva (2009, Silver), Gran Reserva (2006, Gold), Viñedos de Altura (2011, Silver) and Mirto (2009, Silver)-.

Ramón Bilbao, Cruz de Alba and Mar de Frades wines.
Cruz de Alba, Ramón Bilbao and Mar de Frades wines.

 Not only at Rioja, also wines from Ribera Del Duero were awarded; another classic region and famous worldwide because every day we have more and more wineries doing a soberb work. A winerie we discovered not long ago, Hispanobodegas were awarded, great value: Anier Venidimia Seleccionada 2012 (Gold) and 12 linajes Crianza Tempranillo 2011 (Silver).

 One of my personal favourite was also awarded with a Gold medal. Cruz de Alba 2011 is one of these little jewels quite popular in the region but once you get out of surroundings it’s a bit hard to find. Even in Madrid, it is not easy to find. But it’s worth buying and trying. Cannot think of a relaxing evening without this wine. As you can see, I am not objective here, so better get hold of a bottle and judge for yourself.

Al Nabiz. D.O. Toro.
Al Nabiz. D.O. Toro.

 Some other great red wines that we have the honour to taste were awarded: Al Nabiz (2011, Silver) D.O. Toro, Hiriart Crianza (2010, Gold) from Cigales – located in Valladolid-, Sofros (2011, Gold), Laus Red wine Crianza (2009, Silver) and Marco Real Crianza (2010, Gold) from Navarra.

 Also some great white wines were awarded: Anier verdejo Vendimia Selecionada from Rueda (2012, Silver) and Laus Flor de Chardonnay (2013, Silver) from Somontano (region located at the north of Spain, in Aragon). Two of the best albariños in Galicia (D.O. Rias Baixas): Mar de Frades (2013, Silver) and Pazo de Señorans (2013, Silver).


One of the best surprises was the Gold Medal that the white muscatel from Alicante received in this competition. One of everyone’s favourite, not only in Alicante and Valencia, but also in Madrid: once you taste it, you can’t forget it: Marina Alta (2013, Gold).

Many more were awarded, you can see the complete awarded wine list here.

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