Nothing like relaxing with a Godello

After enjoying a glass of the most trendy spirits, we have a Little break discovering a Godello grape wine from Galicia.

Nothing like relaxing with a Godello

Valdeorras is the Appellation of Origin of this wine I introduce you today.  It’s located in the East of the province of Ourense. Bathed by the Sil River, it gives a distinctive character to whites elaborated in the land: elegant fruity aroma with yellow straw or gold colour and well structured in the palate. High quality wines.

Good representative of what wineries elaborate is this one from O Barco, placed in the Galician province of Ourense that produces this 100% Godello naturally without transgressors treatments that alter the natural evolution of the wort before bottling.

Hacienda Ucediños. D.O. Valdeorras.
Hacienda Ucediños. D.O. Valdeorras.

Be sure to try it, ask your bottle on a terrace and enjoy this cool and delicious high quality wine.

Hacienda Ucediños

Vintage: 2012

D.O.: Valdeorras

Grapes: 100% godello

Vol.: 13%

Price from 6,93€

Colour: pale straw yellow with some green iridescence, plentiful and very dense tear.

The nose has hints of citrus: lemon, touch of pastry, slightly anise, white fruit, almonds, white flowers, peppermint. Nice nose.

In the palate is soft, light, slightly acid but without disturbing-refreshing, fresh, balanced with a touch of sweetness but overall touches of mint and lemon. Medium and refreshing aftertaste. Easy to drink.

Best pairing with… appetizers, cold cuts, pork, chicken, risottos.

Hacienda Ucediños and migas- Delicious combination!
Hacienda Ucediños and migas– Delicious combination!

Which other Godello wines would you recommend me? Thanks for sharing!

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