“You don’t have to know about wine, you have to learn to appreciate it”.

Deposits room @ Gosalbez Winery.
Deposits room @ Gosalbez Winery.

Those were Carlos’ words, winemaker of Qubél winery (in Pozuelo del Rey, Madrid) in our visit to their facilities a wonderful day of January (2014). That visit was a revelation: in just little over an hour he gave us an intensive and master class in winemaking, the structure of the grape, basic and very useful concepts, enough to understand and to taste wine. For any wine lover, a visit to this winery and a chat with this man is a must.

Carlos, winemaker of Qubél winery.
Carlos, winemaker of Qubél winery.

The Madrilenian winery has a special love for nature. They do not use chemicals or synthetic fertilizers. They pay attention to nature to develop, to harvest (by hand) and they only use natural materials. You can feel the family atmosphere of this winery from the first moment you get in the deposits room, after visiting the Enoteca – where you can enjoy a glass of wine and attend a wine tasting with a fun and very interesting talk about the winery and its history. Afterwards you can stay there and have some tapas with any of their wines.

(This visit costs 15€).

A small winery, with good wines and two women managing it: Estrella and Isabel. Carlos, winemaker of this amazing Madrilenian wines.

Tasting Room
Tasting Room

Dare to tell us your experience with them?.

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