Loving Sweet Somontano

I must confess that my experience with the Somontano was not very good. I once tried red wine of Enate and I felt so bad afterwards. Since then I look at these wines with some reluctance.

Not long ago, I had the chance to taste a red one that I don’t see much on Internet, but I hope to share it with you soon. This wine and that winery made me reconnect with this DO. We could taste it at a restaurant when we went to celebrate one of our many family meals.

Soon after, we were recommended to try a white one. This would definitely change my mind on this region and its wines.

This time, we were able to taste a very original and very nice also different white. One of these refreshing ones with a sweet touch. From a winery that has great wines (one of our favorites is: Alquez). One of these good wines that you can take with a snack or meal. We loved us.

Our tasting notes.

Glárima 2012. D.O. Somontano
Glárima 2012. D.O. Somontano

Glárima 2012.

D.O. Somontano

Grapes: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Gewürztraminer.

Alc.: 13% vol.

Aging: Aged over its own lees with daily “battonage” in French new oak casks for three months.

Price: 6,70€

Colour: pale yellow, transparent with greenish hues.

In the nose attacks with green apple, toasted bread and bakery, cherry, anise candy notes with hints of lime, creamy. Citrus, tropical notes. Intense aromas.

In the palate is creamy, smooth, salty, fresh, well-balanced, light, refreshing. Like a candy. Short but sweet aftertaste and slightly acid but always envolving and with a very nice fruity and citrus touch. Original. Refreshing

Best pairing with: pork chop with mushrooms.

We will soon share more wines from this región. Stay tune

Have you ever tasted this wine from Somontano? Share your thought with us!

One thought on “Loving Sweet Somontano

  1. Just had a glass of the white Glarima as recommended to accompany a delicious bacalhao with spaghetti negro and cream of tomato sauce. Absolutely delightful accompaniment to a lovely plate of food, and a wine I’ll be going back to.

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