Top 5 Muscatel Spanish wines

I think this is worth sharing, for those Muscatel wine fans, this is a top 5 of the best Muscatel wines we have tried.

The muscatel grape is of Mediterranean origin, possibly from Alexandria, and hence the more common headings. It is the quintessential white grape in the Mediterranean region hence this is the main grape in Málaga and Valencia but its cultivation is widespread also in Alicante and the Canary Islands.

There are two types of varieties, the Muscatel from Alexandria, most Muscatel wines from Spain are made with this variety, or Grano Menudo (French also call it Muscat blanc à petits grains), much smaller grains also used in Australia, South Africa and France. In this regard, when the wine is produced with this one it is clearly specified.

In Spain it is quite common to find both two in our country being a purely Mediterranean grape with long tradition elaborating these wines.

Emrique Mendoza Muscatel white wine
Emrique Mendoza Muscatel white wine

1-Moscatel Enrique Mendoza 2008

D.O. Vinos de Alicante

Grape: 100% Moscatel de Alejandria

Price: 14€

Colour: old yellow gold, bright.

In the nose menthol, balsamics, toasted and mint candy notes. Sea breeze.

In the palate is lightly acid but fresch, creamy, powerful but light and with mint notes. Honey and fresh aftertaste.

Pairing with pasta and Chinese food.

Sweet and acid at the same time. A different muscatel, it won’t leave you indifferent.

Marina Alta. Alicante.
Marina Alta. Alicante.

2-Marina Alta.


D.O. Alicante

Price: 5,10€

Tasting notes:

Colour: pale Straw yellow. bright

In the nose attacks with bakery, pastry, meadow-flowers, cream roll and citrus hints notes.

In the palate is creamy, fresh, easy to drink, with a salty (mineral) hint.

Sol de Alicante. Muscatel. ALicante
Sol de Alicante. Muscatel. ALicante

3-Sol de Alicante Moscatel

Grape: Moscatel

D.O. Alicante

Price: 6,90€

Sweet wine liquor.  

From the beginning of civilization the Moscatel de Alejandria grape has been cultivated in the Mediterranean. After a careful selection, searching always for the ideal ripeness, we get this different and valuable Licor de Moscatel (liquor) which preserves all the variety’s characteristics.

Serve this as aperitif, with pates and desserts, and serve it always really chilled.



Sparkling muscatal wine. Marina Espumante. Alicante.
Sparkling muscatal wine. Marina Espumante. Alicante.

4-Marina Espumante

D.O. Alicante

Price: 6,70€

Colour: pale yellow colour with fine bubbles.

In the nose is light with hints of bakery, rose flower and orange blossom.

In the palate is creamy, fresh, well-balanced, with long and fruity aftertaste. With a perfect combination of sidra and champagne. Easy to drink.

Best match with anything you want: meats, desserts, soups…

Not longa ago we wrote about wines from Madrid. Well recognized and awarded out of our borders, locals are still long way until they learn and discover the real quality of our products. In our last visit to 5 star Salon where we met Bernabeleva’s wines, and one of them, a delicious Muscatel. The winery is situated at San Martin de Valdeiglesias, they styld with horse. Their wine are worth trying, enjoying and sharing.

5- Cantocuerdas Moscatel de Grano Menudo. 2011. Vinos de Madrid. 94 Peñin Points.

Price: 18,95€

In the nose attacks with typical muscatel notes, varietal (sweet) and fresh. In the palate is creamy and well-balanced with a herbaceous hints.

Bernabeleva Muscatel. Grano Menudo. Wines from Madrid.
Bernabeleva Muscatel. Grano Menudo. Wines from Madrid.

None of the above should be missed. I am sure all of them will surprise and amaze you.

Looking forward to your comments about them.


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