Alquez Garnacha Old Vines 2009.

Today we have tried a good wine, Spanish wine, as a God send – that is!. A wine from Calatayud. I knew that this wine would be good because although you may not believe it, in Aragon wines are made with unique flavour and body .

Alquez Odl Vines Garnacha (Grenache)
Alquez Old Vines Garnacha (Grenache)

I’ll tell you a little story. My grandmother had an apartment in Benidorm, she used to go to Nuria (a bar down the street) to dance and flirt . Her children , retirees today are made of sterner stuff , less likely to have fun and enjoy life , more attentive to ” responsibilities ” . But my grandmother’s generation was much more liberal than their children.

Anyway, my grandmother had a flat in Benidorm. In a building opposite there was a bar offering lunch menus . Understand that if you go two or three days it is not worth shopping and we could have a meal there for a modest price. And there, at the bar, they had a great Wine Village , a wine from Zaragoza, a wine with intense plum, if you wanted to drink it, you had to cut it with a knife ( sorry I can not say anything about the aroma, I then I noticed no such things ) and enjoy its intense flavor and sweet grapes.

It is easy to see that this wine impressed me. It did , good wines are not only those with many awards and are worth one paying a fortune for them . Of course , I say this because I am who I am and how I am. But it was a great wine.

The fact is that memory stayed with me for many years becoming instructive anecdote of how to be a good wine.

Doing tests to Vinuranto I had the possibility to taste this wine.

Alquez. Grenache from old vines. (Price : 11,05 € in Vinuranto ) 14 months aging in French oak on its lees . Apellationn of Origin , Calatayud.

Glorious . Yes sir . A great wine. Very dark cherry red and still in its youth, its rim is slightly purplish tones.

The scent of vanilla and oak notes with a powerful herbal touch and grape or mineral notes at the back in the nose.

In the mouth does not disappoint , tastes like countryside, mineral and has a sweet touch of cake .

The pairing should be done with a powerful dish , callos (tripe) in my case, although stew also makes a great pairing. The wine is gently, as if you had taken a bun from the oven, cleans out the mouth and tannin is well integrated .

Definitely a great, very drinkable wine and very representative of its terroir. Balanced and not to be missed! Try it as soon as you have the chance.

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