5 stars Spanish wines

Last month we had the chance to meet some new wines at the “Museo del Ferrocarril (Train Museum) of Madrid. Wines awarded by the prestigious guide Guia Peñin with 4 and 5 stars and high puntuation under 10€. The second edition of this event brought together to different cellars from all around the nation.

Despite setbacks that day was a fun, productive day and meeting old friends. The day flew by and when you’re in good company, even more. An unforgettable, maybe improvable, but always unique experience.


Here’s our experience of that day at Museo del Ferrocarril.

Winter was finally here!

This is one of handicaps of this event. While we had some sunlight you could taste and visit every cellar with no problem but once sunset came, it was impossible to take something out of a glass of wine. Glasses were nearly frozen and wines were extremely cold – not suitable for a good wine tasting.

25th novembre was that day when winter decided to come and stay in Madrid with no previous warning. But where there’s good wine and good company no one would move us from there until 8.30 pm (doors opened at midday).

Visiting old friends, rediscovering new and ancient projects

We were taking a look to all the cellars there when suddenly I recognize a voice behind me. There she was! Maria José with Alvarez y Díez cellar from Rueda, some really well elaborated Verdejo and white wines from Valladolid. Higly recommended and worth trying, sharing and repeating.

Alvarez y Diez wines. Mantel Blanco(s) and Monte Alina.
Alvarez y Diez wines. Mantel Blanco(s) and Monte Alina.

Mantel Blanco. Verdejo 2012. 5 stars. 90 Points. Stone fruit, green apple in the nose, grass, apple  candy. The palate is salty, sweet, creamy, charming, tasty. Well balanced and really nice. Spectacular.

Mantel Blanco Fermentado en Barrica. 2009. 4 stars. 90 points. The nose hints of caramel, apple, yeast, citrus, very fresh. The palate is creamy, sweet, soft, enveloping, delicious, fresh, balanced and slightly saline. Very well structured. Tastes like lime. Long aftertaste and full bodied. Tremendous. Ideal with a good fish.

Mantel Blanco Sauvignon Blanc. 88 points. 2012. 4 stars. The nose has hints of yeast, creamy, much sweeter on the nose. The palate is spicy, sweet. Very original. Balanced. Tasty, fresh. With a refreshing touch of tartness.

 Monte Alina 2012. Verdejo-Viura. 5 stars. 86 points. It smells like it’s muscat, much lighter, for appetizer, to chat. Very sweet nose. The palate is slightly spicy, sweet, soft, tasty, light, slightly bitter. Long and very fresh. Invites to drink more. A everyday-wine.

We met Gratias wines some months ago at the Verema experience, a very interesting Project of ethic wines (as they call them) elaborated of Bobal grape variety, autoctonus grape from Albacete that is becoming more popular. They have a pink and red wine of great success among all those who have tasted. Wines that we wanted to taste again, more slowly, with no hurries.

Gratias Rosé.
Gratias Rosé.

Gratias Rosé 2012. 4 stars. 85 points. Red lollipop, strawberry hues, blackberry, strawberry smells sour, super dulcecito nose, sweet, very fresh. The palate is acidic with body gololso, fresh, balanced. Short and sweet aftertaste. Very sweet, very nice. It’s like taking a lollipop. To drink quietly.

Maximas Gratias 2011. 3 estrellas. 86 puntos.<< Autentic bobal wine>>. The palate is fresh, sweet, polished tannin. Very nice.

 Wine and theater, a sensitive wine tasting

Summarroca Brut Reserva and Tridente Tempranillo. Wines that we tasted in this special and unique event.
Summarroca Brut Reserva and Tridente Tempranillo. Wines that we tasted in this special and unique event.

We met Jose Luis at the Trus wine tasting and he told us about his Project where he combines wine and theatre, wine tastings with art. A project we loved and that we immediately wanted to know more about it so when we knew he was going to be in this event showing a little piece of this art we didn’t hesitate a minute to book our seat at this wine and theatre train.

A different wine tasting. We were seating down at an old train, blindfolded, the show starts. Imagination flies, feelings come and go. They give you a glass of wine they ask you what it evokes you, I was so relaxed I did not answer the first time. An experience I would love to repeat.

The big ones were also there

Luis Cañas. 2010. 5 stars. 91 points. Very fruity. Just like Cair Cuvée. Tremendous.

Cair Cuvée 2010. 5 stars. 91 points. Red fruits, fresh, very sweet, very well-balanced and well elaborated.

Cair Cuvée new name for the former Lu&Be
Cair Cuvée new name for the former Lu&Be

Ecce Homo 2012. 5 stars. 86 points. Colour: cherry with bluish hues. The nose is super sweet, hints of strawberry, with green touches of spice. Very sweet and creamy. The palate is soft, fresh, balanced, light, sweet aftertaste, light and creamy with a touch of acidity.


Discovering wines from the Islands

 And when I say I mean both of the Islands: Balearics and the Canary. Very nice wines that are rarely seen in the city of Madrid but we bet on them from the very first time we tasted them.

Binigrau wines from Mallorca.
Binigrau wines from Mallorca.

E-Binigrau. 2012. 5 stars. 90 points. Mallorca. The nose hints of terroir, black fruits, sea, very marine. The palate is soft, fresh, balanced, marine, charming, tasty, balanced, light and with smooth tannins and spicy black pepper. Ideal with a “morcilla”.

Nou Nat 2012. 5 estrellas. Mallorca. Blanco.92 puntos. Frutas de hueso, toques tropicales, levaduras, pan tostado. En boca es fresco, ligero, suave, aterciopelado, con un toque salino. Fácil de beber.

Obac ’11 2011. 4 stars. 90 points. Fruity, red fruits. In the palate is spicy, smooth, creamy, balanced, fresh, with a polish tannin, very tasty. Long and sharp aftertaste.

Sa Cova. 2012. Pink. Ibiza. 4 stars. 88 points. Orange. The nose hints of stone fruits. Very nice. The palate is fresh, sweet, light, easy to drink. Very nice too. Different. Monastrell grape. Spends 4 hours with the skins. The first winery in Ibiza to sell bottled wine.

Valencia, place of great moscateles y Cavas.

Cava is not only elaborated in Catalonia, you can also find Cava in Rioja, Extremadura and Valencia. And from this region we find some surprising and delicious sparkling wines from the appellation of origin, worth mentioning, tasting and sharing.

Privée 18 2010. Brut Nature Reserva. 4 stars. 85 points. Gold coloured, toasted and yeast hints. Fine and elegant. Citrus and cinnamon. Very nice.

Dominio de Calles 2011 Brut Nature. 4 stars. 85 points. Citrus fruit, apple, yeast. The palate is fresh, balanced. Macabeo, Chardonnay. Easy to drink. Delicious with Spanish ham.

D.O. Cava: Dominio de Calles. Valencia.
D.O. Cava: Dominio de Calles. Valencia.

From the D.O.(Apellation of Origin) Valencia we discover some diffrente and original moscateles. I encourage you to taste them whenever you can.

La Luna de Mar 2012. 4 stars. 87 points. Lemon candy hints. Simple but good nose. The palate is quite different: fresh, light, spicy, slightly acid, very original, balanced. Powerful. Perfect pairing with seafood, foie, Spanish ham and cheese.

Luna de Mar (Moscatel) and Mistela Liquor Wine (Moscatel)
Luna de Mar (Moscatel) and Mistela Liquor Wine (Moscatel)

Mistela Moscatel Turis 2012. 5 stars. 87 points. Liqueur wine. Aroma of muscat. Sweet, good nose. The palate is charming, creamy, fresh, balanced. Really nice. Wine for table talk and desserts.

From León to Granada.

We make a little stop in the way and we visit León. El Bierzo is one of our favourite regions in Spain. We love discovering new wines and cellars from there. This was the case of Bodega del Abad.

Hacemos una paradita por León. El Bierzo es una de nuestras D.O. y no nos cansamos de descubrir vinos y bodegas de la zona. Tal fue el caso de Bodega del Abad.

Gotin del Risc Essencia 2007. 4 stars. 90 points. Fruity, strawberry hints. In the palate is fruity, tasty and well-balanced.

Gotin del Risc. Essencia 2007. León.
Gotin del Risc. Essencia 2007. León.

Gotin del Risc Godello Lías 2008. 4 stars. 92 points.  Colour: gold with greenish hues. In the nose hints of yeast. In the palate is more creamy and full-bodied, long and acid.

Abad Dom Bueno Godello. León.

Abad Dom Bueno Señorio de Valcarcel 2011 Roble. 5 stars. 90 points. In the nose has hints of banana,grapefruit Stone fruit. Light gold coloured. The palate is soft, smooth, fresh, balanced, charming, slightly acid, with touches of citrus.

Abad Dom Bueno-Señorío de Valcarcel.
Abad Dom Bueno-Señorío de Valcarcel.

Abad Dom Bueno Godello 2012. 5 stars. 89 points. The nose hints of blackberries, licorice, subtle. The palate is acidic, sweet, fresh, balanced. Nice.

Gotin del Risc Godello. León.
Abad Dom Bueo Godello. León.

We ended our tour in Granada, wines whose name we already heard of and we were looking forward to taste them.

Mencal 2013. 4 stars. 85 points. Moscatel, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc. Very sweet, strawberry candy hints. Creamy, with very good acid in the palate. With a little aged in bottle will be tremendous.

Ribera del Farbes 2012. 5 stars. 86 points. Tempranillo, Syrah. The nose hints of strawberry and butter. The palate is soft, fresh, balanced, acid but refreshing. Short aftertaste but very tasty.

Once again a great day and great wines with great friends.

Have you ever tasted any of these? Tell us your thoughts

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