Wine events you shouldn’t miss

Before Christmas comes there are some unique wine tastings that take place in Spain. If you have a chance, you shouldn’t miss.

Madrid discover Riesling & Viognier wines from Valencia.

Next 12th December at Señorita Malauva wine store together with the girls from this blog have the pleasuere to invite to all attending to discover some original and unique wines that won’t left cold.

9pm is your first rendez-vous with us and you shouldn’t miss as it would be fun and a day to remember.

Tickets today for 10€ (with VINURANTO discount code) and 13€ rest of the days.

Get your tickets HERE.

100% Riesling label.
100% Riesling label.


Valencia will enjoy music, wine and painting in the same night

Wine, music and painting complement suggestively, with a harmony and perfect pairing with an unforgettable experience that is achieved.

Selected four wines from different Spanish wine regions wineries will be tasted, and Miguel Angel Martin explained in a pleasant, convenient and easy, while instructive, as it should taste a wine.


La Enocata Musicall ill be held in the restaurant Tapearte, Avenida de las Cortes Valencianas # 30 in Valencia. The price is 35€ per person and 60 € the couple.

If you’d like to attend this event, please contact: o

See more click here

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