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Bodegas Trus
Bodegas Trus

Sometimes fate seems to have plans for you. A week before this event, Victoria contacted us. We had our plans for that week, a full week of work and meetings with friends, good food and wine. But nothing went as planned. We came back to the City and that week was one more week at home… or so we thought at that time. That week we had a call from Ana to invite us to a special wine tasting with wines from Rioja and Ribera del Duero. Meet an amazing project from Valladolid and Rioja, with good elaborated and structured, original and delicious wines.

Bodegas Trus is a group of family cellars of Rioja with a very interesting project in Ribera del Duero. Luciano welcomed and explained us that in 1999 they looked for a region for its quality and with the intention to create the best Ribera del Duero red wine of the world (and they are on the good path). Located at “La Milla de Oro” (The Golden Mile), at 700 metres over sea level with 80 has. (197.68431 acres) of vineyards with only oak barrels where all their wines are elaborated and aged. Their cellar’s name: Trus comes from the fundamentals to produced a wine: Terroir, Roble (oak), Uva (Grape) and Sun. We were also honored by the presence of the winemaker, Juan Carlos.


Palacios Vinoteca is the name of the cellar in Rioja, the matrix of the group located in Nalda where they produced white wine and beer (craft beer, dark and pale lager) at 750-800 metres over sea level. The white wine is booming worldwide and they are always easy to drink, well-crafted wines. As well as the beer, which it’s increasingly produced craft beers.

That evening we were surprised with some Ribera wines very well elaborated and surprisingly delightful in mouth. Perfect to share and enjoy, as Juan Carlos pointed us in a moment of tasting.

I now share with you the wine and beer tasting notes. Delightful and very worth trying.

Red wines from Ribera del Duero. Worth trying.
Red wines from Ribera del Duero. Worth trying.

Nivarius Blanco 2012(White wine)

Elaborated by Pablo Tascón

D.O. Ca. Rioja

Grapes: Tempranillo Blanco y Viura.

14% vol. Alcohol

Final price aprox.: 12€-14€

Peñin Points: 89

Tasting notes:

Straw yellow coloured, bright, clean and green tones.

In the nose is fruity, with hints of honey, very creamy, sweet banana, smells as toast barrels (a match). The white tempranillo brings more power in mouth but it is not an aromatic variety.

The palate is creamy, spicy, mineral, tasty, long, envelope, full-bodied, it’s like a menthol candy but without notes of mint. With bitter refreshing touches, it’s like a lemon candy.

Perfect with some beans, lentils or a chard.

Trus Ronle 2011
Trus Roble 2011

Trus Roble en 2011 (Bottled past December 2012)

D.O. Ribera del Duero

Grape: Tinta fina del país

With 6 months of French oak barrels, 1 year in bottle

Final Price aprox.: 7€/10€

Tasting notes:

Cherry red colour with violet edges, carefree and upper-middle layer.

The nose is a vanilla candy, a toffee one too, with a touch of coconut and red fruits.

In the palate is creamy, salty, very tasty, with a polished tannin. Quick but sweet and long aftertaste. Fresh, well-balanced. With a good acidity and refreshing bitterness. A real good one.

In that momento we all hear Nuria’s comment <<Bring the “croquetas”>> It wouldn’t have been that bad idea.

Croquetas at La Reserva de Antonio.
Croquetas at La Reserva de Antonio. Summer 2013

Trus Crianza
Trus Crianza 2010

Trus Crianza 2010

D.O. Ribera del Duero

Grapes: Tinta fina del país

Vineyards at 800 mtrs. Over sea level

14 months of oak

Limited production of 5.000 bottles

Final price aprox.: 16€/18€

Tasting notes:

Cherry red colour with violet edges.

The nose is fresher, finer and woody, herbaceous and red fruit and balsamic touches, smells like black chocolate. Elegant nose. Well integrated wood.

The palate is also very smooth, with a sweet vanilla, creamy, tasty, balanced tannins, with a hint of fine vanilla. It is very long, sweet, velvety aftertaste. Powerful, structured.


Trus Reserva 2005

D.O. Ribera del Duero

Grapes: tinta fina del país

24 months of oak barrel.

Limited productio: 50.000 bottles

15% vol. Alcohol.

Final Price aprox: 23€-30€

Tasting notes:

Chocolate colour, very intense, tile trim.

The nose has hints of nuts, hazelnuts, chocolate, candies, unused leather, warm, menthol, coffee. Complex nose.

The palate is fresh, sweet, with a smooth, tasty, round, light, balanced, fine tannins and full-bodied. Well polished, well-integrated. Easy to drink.

Perfect with callos, beans and desserts.

Ceriux Beer
Ceriux Lager Beer

Lager Beer Ceriux

Final Price aprox.: 8€-10€

Made with spring water from Logroño

Brew made with spring water from Logroño (Rioja) with concentrated grape, wheat and barley.

Tasting notes: smells like peaches, with the typical bitter taste of beer. Most of the attending people that night loved it.

Ceriux Dark Beer
Ceriux Dark Beer

Dark Beer Ceriux


Tasting notes: smells with toasted notes, more elegant in nose as well as in the palate. Variety is the spice of life.

Large beer consumers agreed that night that those beers were really good but as we have experimented occasions, where wine is no one else’s can be the king. We finished that great moment with some snacks that most of us match with Trus Reserva. An unforgettable night and wines. Pleased to meet the cellar and all the wine lovers there.

Thanks Ana and Victoria, for this priceless chance.


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