EL Quinto Pecado in Madrid: It’s not such sin

It could be the best experience ever. Its name well advise you: El Quinto Pecado (The 5th Sin): it’s a small , modern place with young owners. The day we decided to try their cuisine was the day Guia Peñín was preseting their new guide 2014 at “Museo del Ferrocarril”. It was full house and I honestly think they couldn’t cope it. They didn’t expect that day.


The Menu was not bad basic, but good one. We had spaguetti, then we had pork tenderloin with mashed potatoes and some kind of rice. Even thought the idea was good, half way between modern and traditional cuisine the thing is that they couldn’t work it out. It was not that spectacular or remarkable. Decoration was nice but so small it made me feel a bit uncomfortable with some many people in the house. And service table was slow. After the dessert if you want coffee or something else you have to order it at the bar. The lady there had no idea of what she was doing. Again, slow service.




El Quinto Pecado is not a remarkable or recomendable placer. We will hope these guys will improve with time and we will try and visit at another time and judge again.

El Quinto Pecado

Ciudad Real, 4

Madrid 28045

Ever try this placer? What was your experience?.

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