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I live in a bustling city where the normal stuff is rushing down the street, almost running over people who are ahead of me. Where the noises are already a part of us. Nobody seems startled when a minute before entering the train at the station makes a terrible din. We have gotten used to this as if it was normal. Nothing more comforting to get to your destination, meet friendly and thankful people. We have lost that too. We are all in a hurry in the concrete jungle. I stand and see around me … everything goes so fast … But I get back and I want to relax. There’s no doubt, the best way to end my day is with a glass of wine. If I think of a wine that makes me dream, there’s no doubt that is Marqués de Terán.

The winery is located in Rioja, on a hill at the top of the village, a real balcony overlooking the Ebro Valley and the Sierra de Cantabria, the Sierra de La demanda and Ollauri and its vineyards. Its structure is perfectly integrated into the landscape as traditional construction holds the neighborhood presiding Ollauri at the top of a mound in which traditionally have used the slopes to dig their characteristic drafts. The architecture is designed for a winery that has the most innovative processing system of La Rioja and one of the most advanced in the world. The 80% of its surface is buried on the hill to make the most of gravity at the reception and transportation of the grapes.

Winery's bird´s eye view
Winery’s bird´s eye view

Sustainable wines with truly amazing results in mouth, well structured, with all the flavor of the fruit and well integrated wooden notes. A delight to share with you today and recommend them. If you have not tried it yet, what are you waiting for?.

Tasting notes:

Delicious pairing. Ribs with pepper(capsicum).
Delicious pairing. Ribs with pepper(capsicum).

Marques de Terán Cosecha 2009 Selección Especial (Special Harvest)

100% Tempranillo. 6 months in french oak barrels.

D.O. Ca. Rioja

Vol.alcohol: 13%

Price: from 10,03€

Colour: red cherry colour ruby trims

In the nose attacks with spicy hints, terroir, slightly touch of vanilla, toasted, pepper notes. Fresh and intense. Black fruits and barrel.

In the mouth is creamy, acid, fresh, well balanced, powerful, tasty. Toasted and lively aftertaste. Very well integrated. Tasty and delicious. Outstanding future.

Crianza 2008.
Crianza 2008.

Marques de Terán Crianza 2008

95% Tempranillo, 5% Mazuelo.

14 mounths in french and american oak barrels

D.O.Ca. Rioja

Vol. Alcohol: 13,5%

Price: from 6,25€

Colour:  red ruby with salmon trims.

In the nose attacks with terroir and red fruits notes. Balsamic and toasted notes of the barrel, nuts, butter hints. Strawberry candy and peppermint. Toffee. Needs a bit of time to open. I recommend opening it few minutes before serving.

Acid, velvety, smooth and greedy, slightly bitter with a polished tannin in the palate. Well balanced. Powerful but balanced. Long aftertaste with balsamic notes. I recommend to serve it between 14ºC-15ºC.

Versum-Tarán. Superb!
Versum-Tarán. Superb!

Marques de Terán Versum 2008.

100% Tempranillo. 10 months of french oak barrel.

D.O.Ca. Rioja

Vol. Alcohol:  13,5%

Precio: from 9,86€

Colour: red cherry colour with ruby trims and slightly salmon hues.

In the nose attacks with green grass, toeast, pepper, balsamic, red fruits notes with a touch of vanilla.

Very tasty, sweet, powerful, fresh, well balanced with a polished tannin in the palate. Very nice acidity. Amazingly sweet but light and full-bodied. It’s like a” wine candy”. A real candy! I have barely taste wines like this one.

Calf steak and Vintage Marqués de Terán.
Calf steak and Vintage Marqués de Terán.

Marques de Terán 2007

D.O.Ca Rioja

Tempranillo, Mazuelo, Garnacha. 15 meses de barrica

Vol.alcohol: 13,5%

Price: from 9,73€

Colour: red ruby colour with salom trims and amber hues

In the nose attacks with strawberry and coffe notes. Fresh aromas with herbaceous and balsamic notes. Almonds, nuts and hay notes.

Smooth, creamy, salty, slightly acid but well balanced in the palate. Very tasty with a very fine wood and integrated. Spicy, very sweet with just the right wood in it. Very tasty and powerful. Lively. Very toasted in the aftertasted. Like a good Sherry, it will develop incredibly good.

Rioja is synonymous of good wines and quality, and these are a little demonstration of the good work and savoir faire of our Riojan terroirs.

Have you ever tasted these wines? What do you think about them? Share with us! Thank you.

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