We bet on Madrid!

Madrid wines are not very well considered. Perhaps the erudite wine connoisseurs like delving into a DO somewhat unknown and that know starts taking the right path. This reputation has to change, and must change, because we’re discovering more and more wines of our homeland worth mentioning, shared, recommended and enjoyed. Madrid wines are a true reflection of their land, well-made and deliciously surprising in many cases.

It was a normal weekend, I tried to tweet this photo that I am going to share with you but, surprise-surprise!, my mobile decided not to connect, nor Wireless or any kind of network.

Heredad de Toresano Crianza 2009 with Italia-Stylish Chicken
Heredad de Toresano Crianza 2009 with Italia-Stylish Chicken

Nuria cooked a delicious récipe (that we will son share with you in this blog) of chicken that we named “Italia-Stylish Chicken” because it looked and tasted like a pizza but without oregano. Once served we decided to match it with a wine from Madrid, our hometown, Heredad de Toresano Crianza 2009.

This wine was one of those in which its aroma hypnotizes you, you smell again and again and never get tired. Its aroma is what Madrid smells: its soil, but not literally but all in this wine represents Madrid: the taste of their food, the land, the traditions. When you drink the first sip you are travelling around Madrid’s countryside, my mind’s full of my childhood memories with my grandfather and those anise candies that I loved and had so much! I walk through the field and smell the flowers. I am getting into another dimension. I smell again, and another memory assaults. Reflecting the land where it grew, I just can try and see if I am lucky with my experience in the palate. Not disappointing at all, it is a reflection of what the nose predicted. The Land of Madrid, my homeland is in that glass. I enjoy every sip, savor every memory. The chicken tastes different. It feels like home.

Tasting notes

Heredad de Toresano Crianza 2009

D.O. Vinos de Madrid.

Vol. alcohol: 13%

Precio: 8€

Colour: red –cherry colour with intense chocolate hues and terracotta trims

In the nose attacks with notes of anise, balsamic, with a sweet touch of licorice and vanilla, toffee, carnation. Intense nose. Leather, very fine wood, herbaceous, eucalyptus.

Smooth, slightly creamy, slightly spicy in the palate, with a well-polished tannin and refreshing acid aftertaste .  Representative of what is presented on the nose. Light, fresh, tasty. Long aftertaste of anise. Comment by Nuria “It tastes like licorice.” It tastes like anise.

Very representative of the terroir and our homeland.

Our pairing: “Italia-Stylish Chicken”.

It wasn’t the first time we tasted wines from Madrid, and I am sure it won’t be the last. Which one would you recommend us?.

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