Wine and Music in Blue Sky City

La Mancha Wines are doing all their best in changing their not-very-well-known fame they have had all over the years. But times are changing and so they are. Last year Nuria and I had the chance to attend their young wines presentation and we could prove for ourselves the great job their doing on their elaboration.

La Mancha, being the biggest wine grower’s region of the world and Spain, is known for making great wines since they have an extense vineyard and numerous wineries that are changing the way they make wine and introducing their achievements in the market. The D.O. is offering many different events to get closer to young people. And what’s the best way? Mixing two of the most beautiful arts in life: wine and music.

Today we want to recommend you the first event that they are doing in Madrid. Entremontes winery and Kike Muñoz are offering a night to remember. Next Sunday 6th October in la Mala Sala Club. Tickets are only 4€ and includes a glass of wine and concert.

During all month of October different wineries are doing this same activity and we promise to share here with you, in case you are in the City and want to have a night to remember in the Blue Sky  City.

There’s no more good company than wine and music. Here’s the promotional poster.

Music and Wine in Madrid with wines of Entremontes.
Music and Wine in Madrid with wines of Entremontes.

Happy weekend and enjoy the concert!

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