Discovering Yecla

It’s been a while since we travelled to the región of Murcia, arid soils that give powerful, structured wines that are true reflection of their terroir. We indeed travel today to the region of Murica, the D.O. of Yecla.

A year ago we had the chance to meet once of the Tofterup brothers. Maybe the circumstances they made us meet were not the best ones but Jonas presented us his winery that both manage and where both are winemakers. Danish guys settled in Spain that get the best out of the land that they chose as the best – in Murcia-to create a deliciously different wines but well done. Power-bodied wines with always hints of fruit and true reflection of land in the area.

Trenza Wines Vineyards
Trenza Wines Vineyards

Praised by several awards and a score (well deserved) of 93 in Guía Peñín (one of the most prestigious guides of Spain), we present one of their wines Trenza elaborated with Monastrell (50%) and 22% cabernet sauvignon, 13% shiraz, 9% merlot, 6% Garnacha vineyards located approximately between Campo Abajo y Campo Arriba. Trenza is one of those wines that you can enjoy once, and twice and never get enough of them. To enjoy, travel and never forget.

Pairing Trenza with pork fillets
Pairing Trenza with pork fillets

Our tasting notes (January 2013).

Trenza wine D.O. Yecla
Trenza wine D.O. Yecla

Trenza 2008

D.O. Yecla

Price: 17,38€-20,45€

Colour: red cherry color with dark rim and ochre hues.

In the nose attacks with strawberry, vanilla and spicy notes. Hints of toasted and terroir notes, with a refreshing aroma.

Very acid slightly bitter in the palate with a strong tannin but tamed and sweet hints with a very nice aftertaste. Powerful and velvety.

Which other Yecla wine would you recommend us?

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