Walking along the Banks of Júcar


I might have told you more than once in this blog. I love the power of a glass of wine that makes you travel to the land where the wine was elaborated. Just like music, it takes you to another moment in time, to even feel like you used to: a magic feeling that only wine and music gives you.

Today I am glad to introduce you a young appellation of origin, in a remote place between Cuenca and Albacete, shared out in 9.000 hectares of vineyards and eight towns. A young but promising A.O.: Ribera del Júcar, a multifunctional proyect that spins around the equilibrium of the viticulture ecosystem, respectful practices with the environment in the care of the vineyards and the target of the vine grower’s development

Map of Ribera del Júcar (Spain)
Map of Ribera del Júcar (Spain)


By the magical touch of fate (How I love to call it that way even it’s not true!) we met our friend Juancho, the A.O’s manager, at the semifinal of La Nariz de Oro where we had the chance to taste some wines from his hometown. Little we took to call Juancho back and ask him to recommend us some other wines from the region.  One of these recommendations was this cooperative called Casa Gualda. What was coming next, I have to confess, it surprised us. We were amazed by the good work and originality of their wines. Syrah grape, one of our favourite ones as you have might noticed in this blog, is a grape easy to process but not everyone can get quality wine from it.  But there are quality wines in Spain, indeed they are. You can check yourself in this blog. None of them should be ignored. Another great discovery was their Sauvignon Blanc, that it was similar to his wine-brother because it was powerful and original as well. One of those you can pair with aperitives or snacks (nuts, sunflower seeds, “kikos” (snack of salted,toasted maize), or even desserts. Perfect to have with friends at home or a bar/pub terrace or even to have at home while watching your favourite movie.

I invite you to try and enjoy these wines as there was no tomorrow. Let me know what you think…



Casa Gualda Syrah 2011
Casa Gualda Syrah 2011


Casa Gualda Syrah 2011

D.O. Ribera del Júcar.

Uva: 100% Syrah

Precio: 4€-5€

Red cherry color, with violet hues.

In the nose attacks with red fruits typical from Syrah grape (strawberry), field, herbaceous notes. Powerful, lingering aroma with strong presence of blackberry and strawberry.

In the palate is creamy, very spicy, with nuts notes, lively, tasty, complex with a polished tannin and salty notes. Very powerful, well-balanced, lingering. Long, bitter and spicy aftertaste.

Our pairing: chicken soup and pork loin steak


Casa Gualda Sauvignon Blanc 2010.
Casa Gualda Sauvignon Blanc 2010.

Casa Gualda Sauvignon Blanc 2010

D.O. Ribera del Júcar

Uva: 100% Sauvignon Blanc

Precio: 4€-5€

Light gold colour, shinning and limpid.

In the nose attacks with citrus, bakery, apple notes. White flowers, pear, plantain, salty, toasted wood, peppermint and lime with rum notes.

Acid, salty, creamy, spicy, tasty, fresh, balanced, refreshing in the palate. Tastes like a “mojito” (peppermint with citrus). It is like a refreshing beverage slightly bitter and refreshing with a sweet touch. Delicious for summer or chatting.

Best match with snacks, desserts and cottage cheese.


What other Spanish A.O (=D.O.) would you recommend us?

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