Enjoy life and diet, it is possible!


Summer is gone, routine is back. And we need to get back on track. Back to our diet to fit ourselves in that beautiful dress we want to wear when Christmas comes. This is a reality in which we all live. We have to, but we don’t want to refuse the good life we have been living so far. So we take our time and our own timing.

Our recipe: a glass of Viña AB, a palomino fino amontillado with raspberry jams (sugar free). Delightful!

Viña AB Amontillado
Viña AB Amontillado. old gold coloured, in the nose attacks with hazelnut, almond, toasted notes, caramel, toffee and salty notes. It is smooth, fresh, well-balanced, with hints of wood and honey in the palate. Salty and very tasty,

Our diet is easy to follow:

 1-      Base your diet on meat and fish, garnish with vegetables. Try not to eat Carbohydrates, at least for the first months. You can add some of them when you have lost some weigh, but always be careful and watch your body when you have them.

2-      Do not neglect your health. Go at your own pace and check it by making some tests every now and then.

3-    Holidays and family meetings are the only exception in which you can have a little extra. Me, personally, can’t live without having a good paella every once in a while and enjoy it with a refreshing and delicious glass of wine.

Paella "Abanda Rice" at La Fabrica de Hielo (Los Molinos, Madrid). Spain
Paella “Abanda Rice” at La Fabrica de Hielo (Los Molinos, Madrid). Spain

Good life is compatible with the diet, rather the other way, our diet is a very gourmet and we “have to” eat delicious things. So we would sacrifice ourselves and will enjoy the path while we lose some weight…

Cheers and Happy Weekend!

Recommendation of the week

Our Wine Recommendation
Our Wine Recommendation

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