Enjoy the Argentinean cuisine at the beach

I have to confess that I have not recovered myself from holidays and getting back to work and all the routine (once again). I still remember the wave’s sound, its green-sea colour, the blue sky, lying down under the sun, visiting some of my favourite restaurants to have some “pescadito frito”, meeting friends…

I am fortunate to have this blog and be able to let it all out and write some a bit of what I lived this summer. I am sure you will forgive me for telling you this, for recommending you some nice places and nice wines I just had (just like our visit to Ronda, what an amazing wine-experience!). I am sure sooner or later you will taste them or visit them too.

The restaurant's main entrance
The restaurant’s main entrance

One of the latest places we visit while we were in the beach (Torremolinos) was this restaurant that I am sure if will sound bizarre to find in such a place. It is an Argentinean restaurant that set up about a year ago. We were walking around one of those days and met it by chance. Located just at the end of the promenade, after all these traditional and touristic restaurants of the beach on the way to the towncentre.

The restuarant's dining room
The restuarant’s dining room

I love this place not only because of the food they offer but also because the table service is always exquisite. Weekends are always full house, and that’s always a good sign. We normally visit on a weekday to be more relaxed. You can also watch football there as they have a huge screen for those kind of events.

The food offer there is traditional Argentinean food like empanadas’, chorizo, pasta and a good wine list, meat quality is one of the bests in the region and table services, as mentioned before, kind and helpful all the time.

Argentinean empanada
Argentinean empanada
Neapolitan Escalope
Neapolitan Escalope
Steak and Carbonara sorrentino (pasta)
Steak and Carbonara sorrentino (pasta)


The wine list is nice to find references Mendoza and some not so common in the country. Although short, it is well chosen.

Trapiche Varietales. 2012. Mendoza (Argentina).
Trapiche Varietales. 2012. Mendoza (Argentina).

Trapiche Varietales. 2012. Cabernet Sauvignon.

In the nose attacks with strawberry candy, soil, balsamic and yeasts notes.

It is creamy, smooth, fresh, well-balanced and tasty in the palate with a short but intense aftertaste.

If you ever visit this restaurant, please share your thoughts with me!

La Vaca Juana.

San Ginés, 2, 29620 Torremolinos, Málaga

951 90 98 79.

Mid-priced per person(with bottle of wine and desserts): 25€

If you want more restaurants in Torremolinos, click here to read our recommendations at Torremolinos’ beach

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